Conyers Park II Acquisition Corp CPAA Stock Penny Stock Make Money Online

Conyers Park II Acquisition Corp

(CPAA) (CPAAU) 1 common 1/4W (CPAAW) 18$ Strike

$454 million

24Mo Time Limit

July 22, 2021 Deadline

2nd Spac for Team

10M at risk they may loose if no deal


Official: focus on the consumer sector and consumer related businesses, which complements our management team’s expertise and which will benefit from our operational value add.

Has Said: “ snacking space and broader food category. Over time, Simply Good Foods will look to become a portfolio of brands that bring simple goodness, happiness and positive experiences to consumers and their families.

Friends with Wal Mart

Past SPAC Brought Atkins Brand to the light and Grew it.

Past Commons about 3x

For the Time its was one of the best performing SPAC deals ever

Past Warrants went about 4.5x

Jim is a Macro Thinker- numbers guy

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