HIMS What SPAC Might Merge With IPOB LGC JWS HCCO LOI Stock News HCAC Airbnb

HIMS What SPAC Might Merge With IPOB LGC JWS HCCO LOI Stock News HCAC AirbnbHIMS What SPAC Might Merge With IPOB LGC JWS HCCO LOI Stock News HCAC Airbnb


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I was reviewing LGC Legacy Acquisition Corp Class . So the directors are a bunch of former proctor and gamble guys. Did a lot of work on hair care products during their tenures at P&G. Their previous deal target blew up because of COVID but looks like the trust has a good chunk of change in it.

HCCO’s team seems like a better fit for hims


Let’s check HECC


though that would be too soon


hmm…nothing super clear. Could even be APXT


Wow – there’s even some linkage to it being IPOB


IPOB – ran by Chamath -> ran social capital -> Social Capital is an investor in TruePill (https://techcrunch.com/2019/03/12/truepill-the-aws-for-pharmacies-gets-10m-from-initialized-capital/) -> Truepill was the behind the scenes fulfillment engine for Hims

Like Truepill was literally fulfilling every single order for Hims/Hers for a couple years


so Chamath had a front row seat to what was going on in Hims/Hers via his investment in Truepill

I actually had someone leave me a comment on the JWS Video that said and I quote:

Quotes from Barry: “ Somthing Sexy” “Something can benefit from Cervezzas….

Go to https://app.ft.com/content/1f74afc8-89fb-11ea-a109-483c62d17528


”We have entered into a letter of intent with a prospective target for an initial business combination in the electric vehicle (EV) and advanced mobility sector. “

Check out JWS – Go watch my video – Look At Chart!

Plays I did

Sold BMRG – I love / am emotional about BMRG too


but which one will 2x faster is the question

I just got my question answered, thanks for the help

Questions Ive Been Asked:

Patrick Kiprotich

• 12 hours ago

As usual great job with putting together the video and presenting very clear information. Unrelated to this SPAC, I read that AirBnB has been approached by some SPACs. Are there any SPACs big enough to pull of such a merger and what do you think about that possibility? Is that a slam dunk money multiplier?

NOT for me


ERES Worth a buy, – Look at logo

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