Hycroft Mining

Hycroft Mining HYMC

Hycroft Mining

One of the World’s Largest Precious Metals Deposits

18 million ounces of gold equivalent reserves 

31 million ounces of gold equivalent resources(1,2)

Nevada producing mine

AISC 626$

Market Cap 572M

Here is the investor presentation

Warrants Ticker : HYMCW $2/warrant – 1×1 redemption 11.5strike

Commons HYMC 11$ 50M shares outstanding Which is super low for a miner But how does this stack up others?

Do NOT buy:



hymcw 2 12 2025

conversion rate 1 -1 11.5$

$17.74/ounce of Gold in the Ground

How much is Gold Per Ounce right now?


NOT including the extra 18M Ounces of Silver

5.3B @ 1800$/ounce AU

5.55B @ 19$/ounce Ag

3.33X MULTIPLIERS After September

Mine Life 34 Years

P/NAV Price per NET Asset Value

.3x Average 1.13x

NPV Net Present Value 3%

Sprott made Presentation

hymcw 11.5 may 29th 2025

complete construction for leach pad

end of september

limited space.3

3x production

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