How To Win During Stock Market Crash Handle Crashing Like A Boss

How To Win During Stock Market Crash Handle Crashing Like A Boss

Go Watch My Video How To Make Money On The Red Days

Buy SPAC Common shares when they aren’t cool yet. They have a floor, you have almost no risk buying them when new.

Is It Really a Crash?

Simply zoom out of the chart, look out 6 months, 1 year. Does it still look bad? Look at the 100, 200, 50 day moving average has it blown past them?

Take Profits

I usually try and go by my rule: At “50% Green, Take 50% Shares Out”

Then at 75% Green, take 75% Out

However I have now changed that because of the market conditions to:

At “20% Green, Take 50% – At 50% Green Take 75%-100% Out”

To do this you have to put in your sell order right after you buy it, dont wait, do it right away.

Do NOT Average Down In This Current Market

More than likely you are FOMOing Down, yes FOMOing Down.

Chances are the hype is over and you are just Chasing/Grabbing a Falling knife.

Either pull out and move on, or hold and wait for another pop.

Have extra FLOAT cash in your brokerage account

If you dont your broker will start selling your stocks for you, and might pull you out of super LONG, possible life long held Dividend stocks you NEVER wanted to sell. Dont use Margin, just Dont. If you need more money go get it, NOT from another loan either. We all know how to make more money, but how many of us are willing to actually go get it, even if it puts us out of our comfort zone?

Stop Losses or Trailing Stop Losses

Put in sell orders at a comfortable managed risk YOU can handle, not what someone else can handle. 5% 50% 25%? Only you can prevent your forest fire’s

The FUN Part, Lets Go Shopping!

IF the SPY or QQQ Finally start to break trend and Hulk has officially started Smashing:

Warning RISKY Riskers!

The ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ -3x

Ticker: SQQQ

The Direxion Daily S&P 500 Bear 3x Shares ETF

Ticker: SPXS

Show Charts

Way Safer During Hulk Smash:

Stock Ticker: TLT ( Show Chart 2008 )

Treasury bills (TBills) ETC –


IF you see this please don’t believe it:

Trump said:

“temp extension unemployment benefits”

“something to stop evictions homeowners and renter”

“$105B for schools to safely reopen”

“We want to get money to people, its not there fault they lost there job”

At around 43:00 into his speech he started saying

“earlier today I visited the Red Cross headquarters to talk about Plasma Therapy which is a tremendous thing that they are looking at and they have a lot of experience with it. Potentially life savings treatments that infuse sick patients with powerful antibodies donated by those who have recovered successfully from this disease. ”

“we need plasma, we are asking to donate, its something that has been very effective and we need plasma from those that were infected and successfully recovered. As most people do, as most people do, plasma is one of the many promising treatments my administration is accelerating.”

He also name dropped :

People are starting to hype ticker SONN Sonnet BioTherapeutics because of what Trump said today about Plasma

BIG tech Whoops with Earnings – QQQ should pop tomorrow

AAPL – 4 x 1 Reverse Stock Split

Amazon +3% Revenues up 40% Y/Y Q2

FB +1.6%

Fisker 4 Pack Car Teaser

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