Stock Market News Fed Powel Talked? SPAC Stuck?

Stock Market News Fed Powel Talked? SPAC Stuck?


Jerome Powel – FOMC FED Meeting, A Pow Wow Or Bust?

“We are going to do whatever it takes”

Admitted they are NOT buying stocks, But ARE buying Bonds

KANDI Tech EV Cars

At Kandi, we are on a mission to make electric cars accessible for all. With these first two models, we are starting an Auto EVolution that will allow anyone, regardless of their financial status, to afford a reliable, high-tech EV.”Tweet this

Priced at $12,999 after federal tax credits, the K27 is the compact model with ample interior space that can comfortably accommodate up to four passengers. The car features a 17.69 kWh Lithium battery and a driving range up to 100 miles, making it an ideal automobile for urban driving.

For those in the market for a larger vehicle with more trunk space, the K23 is an affordable option at $22,499 after federal tax credits. The size of a small SUV, this model includes a 41.4 kWh Ternary Lithium battery and a driving range of more than 180 miles.


SOC TeleMed LOI With HCCO ( Video From This Morning )

HCAC – Anyone Like Henny Out there Tell me a Story about Why In the Comments – Speculation with PROTERRA


Today I Bought:


SBE – SwitchBack Energy Aquisition ( Video From Yesturday )

DO you even day trade bruh? Try the SBE Warrants – Nice Surable Wave



Winners Today: GHIVW GORES!!!


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