Sunday Stock Market Prep & What I’m Buying

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IWM SPY QQQ Cross over Chart

SPY – Highest Close of Month EVVVEEERRRR

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News to Watch For That Could Effect the Stock Market

  • Any final word on employment bennies
  • If Trump talks watch it live and if he name drops a company look it up and watch it.
  • USPS Contract Who Wins, WorkHorse?
  • HCAC Henny Did they announce what Electronic Vehicle company they are going to bring to market?

What’s On My Buy List For Monday?

TLT – 20 Year Treasury Bond – Think of it as a Hedge against a Market Crash –

SOAC Warrants ( The Green SPAC )


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Y’all told me to make a Patreon?

I did and here is the link, I will do more with it eventually but for now I just got it signed up.

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