How Trump Will Play The USPS WorkHorse Ford Contract – Ohio Michigan

Trump Biden polls in Ohio Pro WorkHorse/Lordstown:

So in Ohio we have a Mean of 3.5% For Trump2.33% For Biden = 1.17% In Favor Of Trump

Trump Biden Polls in Michigan

So in Michigan we have a Mean of 8.6% More Votes For Biden within the last week of this video.

June 15th Louis DeJoy appointed New Postmaster General Of USPS

New Postal Service head is a top Trump donor. What does that mean ...
  • structural change
  • should not get a bail out
  • Should be charging more
  • they have been struggling financially

I think this is a good move, they need a successful business man to take over and redue the outdated systems. And figure out how to make more money.

This WILL give trump some control over USPS

Looking at this from a pure election wining stance in Trumps shoes

He does NOT want to look weak to conservatives

Giving ALL the USPS contract to WorkHorse will upset some hard core anti green Republicans, Id say a very small amount, But some would be upset for not choosing Ford.

I don’t think him doing anything pro “green,” will help him win any democrats over, maybe some but very small amount.

However choosing Workhorse WILL give more jobs to Ohio.

Which he has a better stance in compared to Michigan but NOT anywhere close to a landslide victory.

Weather you are willing to admit or not people are happier making money, and do tend to vote towards financial success and stability.

IF I was Trump And Had the Decision To make I would:

Split it between Ford and Workhorse.

Which would win confidence votes in both Ohio and Michigan.

Make Ford lovers happy, GM lovers happy, Dems wont ever be happy with what he does but I think he’s more focused on winning the Republicans on the fence vs trying to convince Democrats at this point.

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