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• 10 hours ago I loved those super cheap warrants for HYMC today! You should check out CLSK it was $2 a month ago and hit $13 yesterday pulled back to $10 today. I’ve swung that thing over a dozen times already. it has potential to go back to it’s 2008 price of $55. The ticker is CLSK company is CleanSpark. They create software and hardware to help renewable energy be more efficient. Good rumors behind it that they booked a contract with Walmart and work with Tesla that’s keeping it going too. recent earnings showed over 200% growth. It’s a solid stock for swinging

Who is CleanSpark?




CleanSpark is a software and services company which offers software and intelligent controls for microgrid and distributed energy resource management systems and innovative strategy and design services. The Company provides advanced energy software and control technology that allows energy users to obtain resiliency and economic optimization. Our software is uniquely capable of enabling a microgrid to be scaled to the user’s specific needs and can be widely implemented across commercial, industrial, military, agricultural and municipal deployment. Our product and services consist of intelligent energy controls, microgrid modeling software, and innovation consulting services in design, technology, and business process methodologies to help transform and grow businesses.

What do they do?

  • sell Hardware and Patented Software For people who want to reduce energy costs
  • Data Analytics
  • Subscription based business model / monthly payment
  • Contracts with Marine Corps, REITS, US Embasey
  • GreenHouse gas reduction

CleanSpark, Inc. and Sunshine Energy Announce Exclusive Costa Rica Partnership

SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — CleanSpark, Inc. “the Company” a diversified software and services company and Sunshine Energy Corp., (Sunshine) are pleased to announce the consummation of an exclusive partnership. The agreement allows Sunshine the exclusive right to market and sell CleanSpark’s products and services throughout the country of Costa Rica. As part of the agreement, Sunshine will license mVSO (microgrid Value Stream Optimizer) energy modeling software for exclusive use in Costa Rica. Additionally, Sunshine agrees to procure all energy controls and energy storage systems directly through the Company. CleanSpark agrees to provide designated sales and consulting support to Sunshine, as well as favorable pricing for technical support services on all relevant projects.

Sunshine Energy is one of the largest energy developers in the Country and is a subsidiary of Losko Costa Rica. Sunshine’s goal is to provide new energy innovation through technology, as a result they are actively pursuing new microgrid development throughout the region. Norfund, the Norwegian Fund for Developing Countries and Sunshine have a strategic alliance that will facilitate the financing of energy projects. Costa Rica has one of the cleanest electric matrixes in the world. In 2018, the country managed to produce 98.6% of its energy from renewable sources.

Eduardo Kopper, CEO of Sunshine Energy said about the partnership, “We are excited to have CleanSpark as a partner to support and enhance Sunshine’s vision for delivering energy solutions to the people of Costa Rica by providing predictable resiliency through microgrids. After completing extensive due diligence on microgrid control providers, we found CleanSpark’s solutions far superior to their competitors. The platform’s flexibility allows us to pursue a best-in-class approach as technology changes or improves over time which will bring the greatest value to our customers.”

Zach Bradford, CEO of CleanSpark added, “To have a company like Sunshine choose us as their exclusive microgrid partner is a significant win for CleanSpark and further validation of our superior platform capability. Because a large number of S&P 500 companies have operations in Costa Rica, we recognize the unique opportunity presented by this exclusive partnership. Our work with Sunshine thus far has shown them to be a leader in the solar and energy markets in Costa Rica. Strong partnerships are paramount to our continued success, especially as part of our international expansion strategy. Supporting Sunshine’s existing $20 million (USD) microgrid sales pipeline will be a priority for our team.”

CleanSpark shares continue gains after Sunshine Energy deal

Aug. 10, 2020 11:02 AM ET|About: CleanSpark, Inc. (CLSK)|By: Brandy Betz, SA News Editor

CleanSpark (NASDAQ:CLSK) shares continue to gain from Friday’s announced partnership with Sunshine Energy, one of the largest energy developers in Costa Rica.

Sunshine has exclusive rights to market and sell CleanSpark’s product and services throughout Costa Rica.

Sunshine will also license CLSK’s mVSO energy modeling software and pledges to obtain all energy controls and energy storage systems through the company.

CleanSpark will provide sales and consulting services and favorable pricing for tech support on the relevant products.

SO… Sunshine is like an exclusive rights commission only sales department!

Partners with International Land Alliance

CleanSpark Announces $1.6 Million Order for its Intelligent ATS Switchgear

SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CleanSpark, Inc. (Nasdaq: CLSK), a software company with advanced engineering, software and controls for innovative microgrid and distributed energy resource management systems today announced that it has secured a $1.6 million order for its intelligent automatic transfer switch (ATS) switchgear. The Company’s intelligent ATS switchgear is used to automatically transfer power supply from a primary source to a backup source when it senses a failure or outage in the primary source, thus assuring uninterrupted power. It also allows an end user with excess energy generation the opportunity to participate in regional energy markets when it makes financial sense to sell surplus power back to the grid. The units are expected to be shipped over the next two fiscal quarters.

“Our customer will pair our ATS units in a microgrid configuration to provide resilient microgrid power for shopping centers. This new order will provide increased exposure of our products to shopping centers in upcoming quarters and contribute to our strong revenue growth outlook.  As grid related power outages become increasingly disruptive to business operations, we think the need for backup power sources will drive increased demand for our products.” said Chairman of CleanSpark, Matthew Schultz.

“CleanSpark’s new order is a result of a successful pilot project in 2019 by which our customer deployed multiple ATS units paired with generation assets at several locations of one of the nation’s largest retailers, with over 6,300 stores in the US.  As a result of the successful performance of the project this follow-on order was placed.  This follow-on order was approximately four times larger than the pilot order and we expect to continue to receive orders for a significant number of additional units during in the next few years in order to meet the increasing demand for back-up energy solutions.” said CEO of CleanSpark, Zach Bradford.

CleanSpark, Inc. and ReJoule Awarded $2.9 Million Dollar Second-Life EV Battery Grant with Support from Ford Motor Company

SALT LAKE CITY and STANTON, Calif., July 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — CleanSpark, Inc. (Nasdaq: CLSK), a diversified software and services company, and ReJoule, a battery diagnostics and optimization company announced that they have been awarded a grant from the California Energy Commission.

The grant is approximately $2.9 million and is slated to be deployed over the next 30 months. The funds will be distributed to the multi-group partnership of clean energy and technology companies. ReJoule and CleanSpark will be further supported by Ford Motor Company, BigBattery, and GRID Alternatives. CleanSpark expects to receive approximately $470,000 of the grant funding for its microgrid design and mVSO software services and follow-on deployment of its mPulse software and controls. CleanSpark has also agreed to provide over $88,000 in matched funding.

The California Energy Commission Grant proposal was for Validating Capability of Second-life Batteries to Cost-Effectively Integrate Solar Power for Small-Medium Commercial Building Applications. The underlying goal is to deploy second life batteries from electric vehicles for use in a microgrid application.  Additional grant information can be found here:

As electric vehicles (EV) reach their end-of-life, batteries often retain from 70-90% of their original capacity.  This presents opportunities for repurposing EV batteries as low-cost stationary storage in a second-life application.  Extending the life of used EV batteries further lessens the need for mining of rare earth minerals, thereby making batteries as an energy storage solution more sustainable. The largest barriers to repurposing used EV batteries are the cost of disassembly, long test times, and uncertainty of the remaining useful life. While there are a variety of tests and grading methods, there has been limited success to reliably and cost-effectively test and grade used batteries for second-life applications.

Ford Motor Company, Inc. (NYSE: F) will be supporting the project by donating used EV battery modules and providing the ReJoule team with technical support from Ford’s Greenfield Labs based in Palo Alto, California. Last year, Ford agreed to a framework with the California Air Resources Board to meaningfully reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its vehicles as part of Ford’s long-term sustainability strategy to achieve carbon neutrality globally by 2050. To learn more about Ford’s sustainability leadership and commitments, visit

ReJoule, as the primary grant recipient, will develop a battery grading process and degradation model.  They will then collaborate with the other partners to validate the feasibility of repurposing EV batteries for storage paired with solar Photovoltaic systems to provide building resiliency and load shifting services for small and medium-sized commercial buildings.

The systems covered by the grant will be deployed at two locations, Lucky Cat Labs, an artist’s studio located in Los Angeles, California, and a Housing and Training center for the Homeless, located in Santa Ana, California. They will both incorporate solar and second-generation energy storage batteries controlled by CleanSpark’s mPulse software and controls platform and ReJoule’s battery management system. 

Steven Chung and Zora Chung, Co-Founders of ReJoule stated, “This is a big step towards our goal of enabling the circular economy for EV batteries. This project will address the technical challenges associated with repurposing used EV batteries and demonstrate our technology in a commercial setting. We are excited to work with our partners composed of companies and nonprofits dedicated to combating climate change through the deployment of clean energy solutions.”

Zach Bradford CEO of CleanSpark added, “This is an exciting opportunity for CleanSpark, we recognize the need in the market to extend the life of battery energy storage solutions. Electric Vehicle batteries are an ideal candidate to provide not only long-term value for deployment in residential and commercial applications, but repurposing used EV batteries can greatly assist in the avoidance of potentially substantial disposal and recycling costs. We have found that cost is generally the single largest factor that is considered by an end user. The ability to effectively offer lower cost solutions using second life batteries not only increases sustainability but it could potentially open up an entirely new market to those who find new energy storage systems cost prohibitive.”

Will Paxton, electrification research engineer at Ford’s  Greenfield Labs says, “We are excited to work with innovative companies such as ReJoule and CleanSpark to improve the sustainability of electrified transportation and move closer to a circular economy for EV batteries.”

Co-Founder talking about working with Walmart, Tesla

Mathew Shultz – Previous CEO – Current biggest Holder of Shares

In a recent interview he said:

“a test was done with a customer which is the largest retailer in the united states, they have now come back and made a larger order”

Since that “customer” has a non disclose he can’t specifically say who…

“vendor supplier relationship with Tesla, based on integrating there storage solution and products, those are project we have, and continue to develope.

We are also going to be able to offer Tesla within another “distributed energy system,”

A lot of interest from private equity groups and large Power Players

Anything Bad?

They announcement of potentially issuing 30 million more shares in the next year

Why couldn’t someone else make the same software?

What patents does Clean Spark have?

The first Patent, “Establishing Communication and Power Sharing Links Between Components of a Distributed Energy System, US 9,941, 696 B2”, awarded 4/10/2018, is a revolutionary patent that specifically addresses CleanSpark’s engineering and data-analytics technologies, processes and procedures.  The patent covers CleanSpark’s ability to ‘receive data from a plurality of sources within a microgrid, which is then analyzed to forecast power needs across the microgrid, or a combination of multiple ‘fractal’ microgrids, and then determining whether or when to share power with the requesting module.’

The second Patent, “Parallel Path Downdraft Gasifier Apparatus and Method, US 9,890, 340 B2”, awarded 2/13/2018, further enhances CleanSpark’s patent portfolio surrounding its proprietary gasification and waste-to-energy technologies. 

“These additional Patents further address our commitment to the development and subsequent protection of our proprietary energy management, generation and distribution technologies,” stated Zach Bradford, President of CleanSpark. “With the award of the patent surrounding our microgrid design, analytics and engineering, it acknowledges the unique and valuable methodologies we’ve incorporated to ensure maximum energy security, economic optimization, and financial benefit to our end customers,” concluded Bradford.

CleanSpark wins additional US patent protection for its energy microgrid distribution system

The patent further protects the technology and methods the system uses to make decisions about power-sharing based on energy demand, utility rates, and weather forecasting

“Today’s patent specifically protects our proprietary system and method for distributing energy between microgrids,” said CEO Zachary Bradford in a statement. 

READ: CleanSpark sports record quarterly revenue spearheaded by switchgear sales, energy storage

“It particularly addresses the challenge of determining when it is appropriate for one microgrid to share power with another microgrid. In the patented system and method, a microgrid forecasts its own future power needs, the microgrid then uses this forecast to determine if and when to share power with another microgrid,” he added. 

Bradford said the patent further protects the technology and methods its system uses to make decisions related to power-sharing based on factors such as energy demand, utility rates, time-of-use, and weather forecasting.  

“The value of integrating multiple microgrids in concert to create an ecosystem of resources working together to achieve increased resiliency, efficiency for cost-avoidance, revenue generation or reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is significant,” he said. “Our system flexibility allows these priorities to be set by the system owner.”

These guys sound agressive. Already have big ticket and name contracts, and patents to protect the cash FLOW!


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