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AgEagle Aerial Systems Stock UAVS Is it Worth A Buy?

They are a drone company

Why do we care, do we multiply?

They are working with a “major online retailer.”

“announced the expansion of scope for its contracted commercial drone work through the receipt of follow-on purchase orders from a major ecommerce company. Representing significant new revenue, the new purchase orders relate to the continued manufacturing and assembly of drones used for the testing and refining of the client’s commercial drone small package delivery vehicles, systems and operations currently in development.”

And I think its Amazon

Both Amazon and AgEagle are now right next to each other Wichita Kansas

There was a video showing instructions on how to put the drone together with both companies on it.

They keep getting follow on purchase orders for commercial drone small package delivery vehicles.

One of Ag Eagles partners/suppliers names them as a a user of a tech/software piece that allows drone opporators to see/control drones using LTE.

Acording CNET interviewed David Carbon Former VP for boing, who is now in charge of Prime Air said:

A notice of policy will allow the FAA flexibility to create new types of certificates based on specific functions as drone tech evolves. The policy acknowledges the growth of drone delivery as an example. If approved, the proposal will create opportunity for several companies looking to establish commercial drone delivery, including AmazonUPSAlphabet Wing and Uber.

The latest Prime Air drone has a range of 15 miles and can carry packages weighing under 5 pounds. Last year, the FAA approved a certificate for Prime Air to fly R&D missions of the MK27 drone in authorized flight areas.

Morgan Chillcott is the daughter of the founder of AgEagle Bret Chilcott.

She is from Kansas and I was able to get into her now PRIVATE website and take some photos. As you can tell she is video “art”ist

Here is the leaked amazon ageagle video:

They call it the MK35 and it looks just like this one right here:

Screenshot 20200429 114505 Chrome

Todays Catalyst

And business Insider today told how today Amazon got aproved for FAA flight of drones:

“The FAA supports innovation that is beneficial to the public, especially during a health or weather-related crisis,” an agency spokesperson said in a statement to Business Insider. Peter Endig/picture alliance via Getty Images

  • The Federal Aviation Administration has issued Amazon permission to begin conducting delivery drone operations.
  • Amazon’s Prime Air drone project has been in the works since 2013.
  • The online retail giant received permission to begin testing drone deliveries in June 2019.
  • “Amazon Prime Air’s concept uses autonomous UAS to safely and efficiently deliver packages to customers,” a FAA spokesperson said in a statement sent to Business Insider.

2 guys liked a post about moving to Kansas that work for amazon as:

“director manufacturing integration and optimization” and one that is a

“hardware integration engineer at amazon”

Upcoming Catalysts

On Septembre 9th They have a conference they will be presenting at

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