Tesla GreenPower Stock Split Worth A Buy?

After Stock Splits Stocks Usually Go Up 8% The Next Year


low of 342$ since March dip to High of $2,328

Which is a Staggering 6.8 X on your Money!

Is it time for a Pull Back? Yes… technically

But Does that Matter any more?

Is Tesla its own animal?

Stock will be opening at around $443.40 on Monday From The 5x Split

All Technicals aside and just following trend this will more than likely still rally!

Will people take profit along the way Yes!

Some Recent Catalysists That will Further Drive Tesla Stock

Neuralink chip that connects brain directly to computer

Its ultimate potential is almost limitless, he claimed, with one example being the capability to summon a self-driving Tesla telepathically.

“You could solve blindness, you could solve paralysis, you could solve hearing,” he said.

“It’s kind of like a Fitbit in your skull with tiny wires,” he said. “I could have a Neuralink right now and you wouldn’t even know. Maybe I do.”

  • Animal testing Shows they are Unharmed by partial skull replacment
  • Still Hiring for help with the Neuralink
  • Its totally wireless
  • Including wireless charging
  • Hiring massive in China for new Monster Tesla Factory
  • Kathy Wood Head Of Ark Investment Fund Raised Target To $7,000

The Physiology of Owning A Part Of Tesla


Now you can show off and tell eveyone you know:

“ya I’m investor for Tesla”

“I help regulate the finacials for Tesla”

“Elon asks for my advise along with other investors on future changes and catalysts.”

“Of Course I own MANY shares of Tesla”

People want to be part of the “in” crowd even if they claim they dont want to be.

And now some might be able to afford to.

Now before you could have gotten Partial shares, but wouldn’t it be cooler to be able to say :

“I own multiple shares of Tesla.” vs “I own 9/16th of a Share of Tesla?”



So Will Tesla Stock Go UP On Monday After Split?

I THINK it will for sure, I bet it gets close to the optical wall of $500 fast and once it crosses it some puppeteers will be taking some profit.

But will we Multiply by the end of the year?

But What happens when A stock goes The other way?

GreenPower Electric Bus Company Recently went the other way.

Where price was trading around 3$ and overnight went to 21$.

The outpooring of people “mad” and thinking they got “ripped off” was very apart.

As it goes the opposite way and folks were now thinking:

I had 7 shares, and now I only have 3!

The craziest part is now are even claiming the stock which is now sitting at 21$ is “overpriced.”

I have good news for you, your shares are still worth the same amount as they were on Thursday as they were on Friday.

So instead of have 7 pizzas from little ceasers you now have 3 from RoundTable

Would you rather own 7 Kia’s or 3 Ferrari’s ?

Regardless many wont see this video and might sell off. But the big money in this stock understands those analogies and will keep buying as this is still incredibly cheap compared to oh lets say companies like Tesla?

So Why Is This Good?

The main reason this was done was to get it about minimal thresholds to be listed on the Nasdaq.

This was up until Friday only listed on the OTC market.

So people with trading Aps such as RobinHood Or WeBull couldn’t even buy it.

Big Pensions and Mutal Funders can’t even buy stocks that trade for $5 or less.

So in one be 7x Swoopdi Doop The little investors and The BIG dawgs can now come in to ball instead of just the above average Joes.


By the Way do you member that video I did Friday Morning about GreenBus Charts?

Well some folks were laughing at me and telling me
“this stock is brand new and this guy thinks he already has support and resistance figured out lol”

Well for the folks who actually watched it, you would understand why and how I did it.

Well guess what got tagged PERFECTLY?

Support… and Resistance?

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