Alternet Systems Inc Stock ALYI Electric Motor Cycles?

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Electric Vehicle or Digital Payments?

Do they Have there own Crypto?

From Linkden:

ALYI has been in the EV business for over two years with a very specific focus ‚Äď replacing internal combustion engine (ICE) motorcycles serving the African taxi service market, or the Boda market as it is called locally.¬† The Boda market has been estimated to be a $9 billion to $80 billion market.¬† ALYI has its eye on a very lucrative niche.¬†

Did you know the estimated global market demand for cars is about 60 million units annually and the global demand for motorcycles is over twice that at 134 million ‚Äď just saying.

ALYI’s plan extends beyond motorcycles.  That’s just were there starting.  ALYI has also disclosed its plans for moving into electric delivery vehicles once again designed specifically for the African market.

ALYI has disclosed agreements worth a potential $300 million in revenue and today indicated that number could grow next month with the anticipated signing of additional fleet orders for its ReVolt Electric Motorcycle.

On¬†June 30, 2020¬†ALYI entered into a letter of intent (LOI) for a¬†$25 million¬†first tranche investment at $0.05 per share to fund ALYI’s¬†overall¬†$300¬†million¬†electric mobility initiative in¬†Africa.

The planned ALYI investment is one component of the investor’s overall¬†$100 million¬†initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO) strategy.¬†The investor has already partitioned a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum Blockchain in advance of the planned ICO.

ALYI has initiated a $2.5 million draw down on the first $25 million to begin construction on a 100 acre facility in Africa.

In summary, ALYI is not TSLA, but it can hold itself up against any of the other Jonny-Come-Lately competitors.

ALYI Expects To See Orders For ReVolt Electric Motorcycles Double Next Month

DALLAS, Aug. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Alternet Systems, Inc. (USOTC: ALYI) today announced that it expects a new fleet order for its ReVolt Electric Motorcycle to double the company’s current production outlook. Earlier this month the company announced entering into discussions regarding additional fleet orders. Management now expects to sign an order resulting from those discussions by the end of September.

ALYI currently has already entered into an initial $20 million electric motorcycle order and an additional letter of intent for a $30 million contract. Both agreements cover six-year durations resulting in an overall $300 million revenue opportunity for ALYI. The new order expected to be signed next month would edge ALYI toward a $500 million revenue opportunity.

Over two years ago, ALYI piloted an electric motorcycle that in its first rendition was a BMW R71 clone retrofitted with an electric motor. The BMW R71 is a breathtaking iconic image popularized through decades of frequent Hollywood screen appearances in addition to the real engineering breakthroughs that maintain the bike’s relevance.

Still drawing on the BMW R71 original design and look, after several design iterations, the ReVolt Electric Motorcycle today is an innovation feat. When ALYI unveils the production version of the ReVolt Electric Motorcycle, it will be an industry changing event. The ReVolt Electric Motorcycle is a connected, state of the art electric motorcycle, ergonomically optimized for its target market while still maintaining an iconic look.

ALYI expects to be in production later this year.

For more information and to stay up to date on ALYI’s latest developments , please visit:

1 Day Later they Upated the Release:

Dallas, Texas–(Newsfile Corp. – August 28, 2020) – Alternet Systems, Inc. (ALYI) today confirmed the company’s funding partner, RevoltTOKEN ( will present a comprehensive update next Wednesday, September 2, 2020 on the $100 million transaction intended to fund ALYI’s electric mobility business. RevoltTOKEN has just secured the last key component necessary to proceed with the funding transaction.

In addition to featuring the key component now in place, the presentation will include an overall update on progress toward the launch of the RevoltTOKEN initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO). Based on both individual investor and institutional investor response, the presentation will specifically include an overview on how the $100 million funding target could well be exceeded.

This is horrible site for the token that will be used to raise money for ALYI and give shares / rights to token holders in Crypto. This has not launched yet but the token exsits and I seen it on eitherscan. It ws made with a free website builder.

When you Google Revolt Motorcycle you get this thing are they even connected?

Whats up with that other “revolt” motorcycle

The crypto thing is sketchy

Where’s the pictures of the BMW based one?

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