WKSP Green play solar ev charging for pick up truck bed

@OctopusMoneyMultipliers please do a video on this Worksport Tckr WKSP Green play solar ev charging for pick up truck bed Its on Oct exchange trading at .22 a share They just hot contract with major EV pu truck manufacturer but have not yet diclosed to Company…. this is a much more sound play than ALYI Thanks

I got the next one to bring out to the octo-nation -WKSP

Solar powered truck bed covers, possible deal in the works with EV truck makers


Grow our dealer/distribution network. This will generate the growth in sales we are forecasting but growing our network too much before we can meet product demand on an ongoing basis would be counterproductive to our goals and will not serve the best interests of our customers or of our organization. Our dealers like our products but future growth depends on increasing our fill rates and keeping them at high levels going forward. And that depends on our ability to invest in required inventory levels. Growing our inventory levels will keep Worksport among the fastest growing companies.


Fund the completion of our prototyping, testing and production of the Helios and Alpha Covers. We are overwhelmingly excited about the market potential for these product lines. And we are convinced that it will bring great excitement to the market. Given the above factors it is difficult to forecast our revenue growth with a high degree of certainty. However, we believe that when the funding requirements have been met we will be positioned to grow our revenues exponentially over the next five years. At this time, we project that $1,000,000 USD would be used to fund inventory this with a refined offering of four products and variances to facilitate unique private label and OEM manufacturing to one of several interested large buyers. An additional $2,500,000 within 12 months would finalize the development of the Worksport Alpha and much anticipated Alpha Helios to testing within SEM (Specialty equipment manufacturers) and OEM (truck and electric truck manufacturers). The Helios could be a real big game changer for our shareholders when they talk about companies or stocks on the rise.

  • The solar part can be removed, replaced or add
  • charging for pick up truck beded to the cover..
  • Plug and Play!
  • RV’s
  • Campers
  • contractors
  • plexi glass and survisable
  • 110watter per panel
  • Utility tracks on side of bed for removal

Worksport™ Enters Late-Stage Negotiations for TerraVis™ Solar Cover System with U.S. Based Electric Truck Manufacturer


TORONTO, Aug. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Worksport Ltd (Formerly Franchise Holdings International Ltd)., (OTCQB: WKSP) (or the “Company”), is finalizing its late-stage agreement with a U.S.-based Electric Truck manufacturer closely following the announcement of the details about its ground -breaking TerraVis tonneau cover system with solar power integration.

The anticipated partnership calls for Worksport, with its TerraVis solar charging system, to be the Tier One OEM supply partner for their forthcoming electric truck. The TerraVis system will be exclusively configured and uniquely crafted for that truck line. This first agreement is expected to close shortly, and Worksport will disclose its details about its first OEM partner as well as the terms of the initial agreement.

“The recent TerraVis reveal is a very exciting period for Worksport,” said Worksport CEO Steven Rossi. “Shortly after the announcement, we received interest from high-profile media outlets, solar manufacturers, engineers (on other projects and applications), and other businesses interested in purchasing the TerraVis system.” Details will follow about these talks when possible, Rossi said.

The TerraVis system was designed anticipating the advent of electric trucks. It is the very first advanced folding truck bed tonneau cover system to be a fusion of cutting edge solar power, storage, and delivery system. The platform takes advantage of a standard pick-up truck’s practical capabilities, while also utilizing the power of more sustainable and renewable energy. Proprietary, high efficiency, solar panels built into the rugged tonneau cover—the likes of which Worksport has become widely known for—will collect the sun’s rays and store energy in multiple battery banks. The free energy stored can then be used anywhere from a job site to a campsite, and where conventional power may be unavailable. This partnership is being forged so the TerraVis system will be a means to provide a meaningful source of recharge power for this forthcoming EV-Truck.

“In this phase of the agreement, the general scope of our partnership will first be defined,” Rossi added. “Then, there will be a series of follow on agreements in September 2020, closely defining the partnership, including the economics, provisions for North American-based manufacturing, other strategic partnerships, and what it can mean to Worksport’s revenue growth in the future. “It’s a very exciting moment for the company as we work towards launching the TerraVis and our updated line of conventional truck bed covers. Worksport will continue to focus on growth as the lead innovator and manufacturer in the Global Automotive Market,” said Rossi.

So Which Truck Manufacturer Will Get it?

They wrote a hype article about Rivian who makes trucks in the USA


Who’s the Parent of this Our Brand & Innovators: 

Worksport Tonneau Covers

Our brand Worksport is a manufacturer of high quality, cost effective tonneau covers for the light duty truck market. The latest innovation of Worksport is called TerraVis which is a solar based tonneau cover that produces onboard power for pickup trucks using the sun. The company’s product line offers innovation, affordability and dependability which is the sweet spot for this market. Worksport tonneau cover manufacturer currently serves customers in Canada and the United States.

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