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– JIH team was an integral part of Goldman Sachs first SPAC: Vertiv Holding. Very experienced… businesswire.com/news/home/…

ESGInvesting9/21/20, 08:47 AM@TheKingTut David Côté is also on the board of directors of JIH

TheKingTut9/21/20, 08:49 AM@ESGInvesting Rob Johnson was CEO of Schneider Electric for over 11 years so I guess they probably connected during Josh’s time at Honeywell… same industry

ESGInvesting9/21/20, 09:39 AM@TheKingTut@ESGInvesting Probably! However, it confirms that Ensign follows the prior SPAC of Mr. Côté at least through Rob Johnson. I’m sure they are all in close contact.

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We intend to pursue opportunities with private, high-quality growth companies. We will use our experience in sourcing transactions and portfolio company due diligence to seek to identify and negotiate a combination with an exceptional business. Our team focuses on software, internet, media, consumer/retail, healthcare IT and financial services/fintech sectors, and our expectation is that our ultimate target will be in one of those sectors, although we may consummate a transaction with a business in a different industry.

ChargePoint News

Romano: Well, we’ve been eyeing when to exactly take the company public. We’ve always had goals to do that and right now, with the market for electric vehicles being, now starting to establish and climb that, that hockey stick in consumer acceptance. It’s just the right time to add the capital to the company to really fuel our growth. We’re thirteen years old. We’ve been in the market for ten years selling products. We’ve amassed 4,000 business customers in that time frame and climbing quickly so for us we had a lot of optionality on the timing but given the recent, I think, awakening in the investor, investment community, this trend is here to stay. It was good timing for us.

LeBeau: Yeah, at the same time Pasquale, let’s be honest, you guys are not yet profitable. Yes, you had basically $147 million dollars in revenue last year and I know you’re projecting to be profitable a couple of years down the road from here but by my count, you’re at least the sixth EV-related SPAC that’s been announced since May and when I talk to people in the auto industry, people who deal with the EV industry, almost everybody says the same thing. Some of these SPACs are gonna blow up in the face of investors. How do you counter that story, that line out there, that these are not all companies, and some people would say that about ChargePoint, that should go public right now?

Romano: Well, I mean, we’re very different. This is an established company and it’s had a ten year track record of shipping product, supporting customers. We are in revenue. We do not have the risks of a pre-revenue company and more importantly, we’re an index for the electrification of transportation because as all of the existing automakers and the new automakers begin to transition to electric vehicles, it all drives demand for us. So we’re broadly attached to the acceptance of EVs. We have very good predictability based on our ten year track record. We see our revenue directly proportional to the acceptance of EVs so we think that from an achievement of our financial goals prospective, we have the maturity and the predictability to be able to do that and it’s very different for us.




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