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JWS at all time low atlI

PODu finnally close to realtiy.. lower float that rest of new Camaths… lower murse too though.

PSTH pretty good day to get in if not in already

FSTw holding at .85TTCF almost half off

GSAH.u sitting at decent entry point for what it is

SBE held its line 2x we drew in a couple days ago at 14.29

Futures dont look exhausted yet but are heading up

me2do4fun11:49 AM@OctopusMoneyMultipliers baillie Gifford funds are massively tech heavy Discovery, long term global growth also

WorkHorse Admition of Guilt?

Gernal Motors LT Facility 1100 jobs 2.3billion investment. TJX $100 Million Hundreds of building and construction trade out there now. Lordstown Motors, The Endurance,


OF Getting

Dominating the Electric Vehicle Market and GETTING the United States Postal Service Contract WHICH would mean 800$ million…

So that is a low key contract announce of a PARTIAL USPS Contract For Workhorse

CLSK CleanSpark


mara riot

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