Blind Fund Stock Buys?

ARKK Cathie Wood

She has many others to check out but this one blew the rest of the water for performance, So I went on the prowl for more

Hey Charlie, check $MGK and $FNGO or $FNGU, the last two for 2x or 3x the performance of the holdings.

You know Im headed straight for the 3x MULTIPLIER!


Portfolio composition

Equity sector diversification


as of 09/30/2020

Number of stocks100
Fund total net assets$9.5 billion
Net assets of 10 largest holdings56.3%
Foreign holdings0.0%

Month-end 10 largest holdings

(56.30% of total net assets) as of 09/30/2020 

1Apple Inc.
2Microsoft Corp. Inc.
4Alphabet Inc.
5Facebook Inc.
6Visa Inc.
7Tesla Inc.
9Mastercard Inc.
10Home Depot Inc.

By the way, the FNGO U are only rebalanced every six months from what I understood. Cathie is much more active in her trades. I’m more heavily loaded in the ARKs because of that. She takes care…

me2do4fun21m@OctopusMoneyMultipliers it is a fund.that you can purchase shares. If you want exchange traded like a Unit trust check Scottish Mortgage Trust ( UK listing on FTSE). That is managed by Baillie Gifford and it is very tech heavy. Check the holdings


Direxion Daily
Technology Bull
3X Shares ETF


Bank of Montreal
FANG Index 3X
Leveraged ETN

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Preview(opens in a new tab)Add titleSolarMax ALAC

  • 300 employees
  • 4.8 billion $ contract with CalTrans CA state changing light bulbs to LED
  • massive facility in Riverside CA
  • in house financing
  • marketing sales
  • devoloping and installations from NJ to HI
  • They Make the solar panels
  • have there own battery backup
  • Certs from LA Power etc

WorkHorse Goldman Sachs and other buyers

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AJAX.U#1 to get – Ajax I $$750M, focused on Internet, software, fintech, consumer, 1/4 wt, 24 months. Being led by Dan Och and Glenn Furman, but the board is a millenial’s dream…Kevin Systrom, Found of Instagram, Jim McKelvey (Square Co-Founder), Steve Ells (Chipotle Founder


  • Adjusted EPS: 65 cents vs 19 cents expected, according to Refinitiv
  • Automotive revenue: $34.71 billion vs $33.51 billion expected, according to Refinitiv

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