Stocks to Buy If Trump Wins Or Looses to Biden

If Biden Wins Could Buy:

Adversely if he looses these might go down

Green Leaf Stocks:

Schultze Spl Purp Acuistion Corp SAMAW




ALAC Solar

Brookfield Renewable Partners LP BEP

ElectricVehicle Stocks

HCAC Canoo

SBE ChargePoint

NGA Lion Electric Last Mile


Romeo RMG

Maybe Infrastructure ?

Martin Marietta Materials MLM

Tighter LockDown Measures = less Retail More Online Shopping

Revolve Group, Inc RVLV

IFMK iFresh Food Delivery + bought BIg Mask COmpany

NovaBay Farmasuit


CLSK CleanSpark

If Trump Wins You Could Buy


Alliance Resource Partners ARLP Royalty

Riot Gear


Fracking Oil Gas

Dorchester Minerals, L.P. DMLP Royalty

Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation COG – NE Pennsylvania, King of marcellus shale, Low debt compared to others – prduces dry gas

Texas Pacific Land Trust TPL

Gas Stations ARKO HYAC

Volatility VIX Plays

The Same Stuff That Has Done Well The Last 4 Years Big Tech

Biden has pledged to raise the corporate tax rate to 28% from 21% (Trump Lowered it From Obama’s 35%,) undoing some of the tax cuts implemented under the Trump administration. The former vice president also aims to set a minimum tax of 15% on companies’ book income, or profits reported to shareholders, and to raise taxes on foreign earnings of U.S. companies located overseas β€” two policies that directly impact the U.S tech sector.


Lockheed Martin

FNGU FANG+Microsectors

Big Banks

BNKU +3x Long Big Bank ETN

Merican Farming

LAND GladStone

Novus Capital Indoor Farming

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