Friday Stock Market Round Up Charts News Etc Monday Market Prep


GNRSw SPAC, rumor with @Leafly

Patreon Asked

I heard that there is usually a bit of sell at end of year? Have you seen that?

LionElectric – Patreon on Discord shared these I have been to lion electric last night and take some pic outside sone pic are not great it was a rainy night

Which one of these companies merging this week do you think will do best?

I’m thinking skillz or golden nugget will take off

Upcoming SPAC Mergers

  • 14th – LFAC Landsea Homes
  • 15th Opes
  • 16th FEAC Skillz
  • 17th IPOB Opendoor – SAMA Clever Leaves
  • 18th LCA Golden Nugget
  • 21st FAC Bank Mobile – PIC XL Fleet – HCAC Canoo – PTAC
  • LSAC Vincera Pharma

NO Way! to late to be in those, do not fret I have a solution:

DMYD – Genius Sports – you get online Gambling AND look at this Chart!

BFT Pay Safe Transimene

GIK GigCapital 3 Lighting E Motors

Or all these Electric Vehicles potential Stocks

ghiv time to pounce ? haha

CRM stock

IMPX Greenish ESG


lca Maybe LCA price targets?

CGRO to the moon?

Best way to invest in Bitcoin? Just throwing out ideas.

RIot Mara Link in description Etherium etc


Roblox stock?

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