Hi, I was hoping to get your input on stock based out of China that I am very interested in ticker BEST.

Pros – Young company that’s growing and expanding in southeast Asia

Backed by Alibaba which has a 27% stake in the company and has a good amount of institutional investors. –

Increasing revenue year on year –

There total assets are about 2.5 billion and have around 300mil in cash, but yet with the recent stock price drop there market cap is around 800mil which tells me it’s under valued. –

long term outlook seems positive. –

Might get boost PR from holiday shipments. Cons –

They have a lot debt which could be attributed to them growing. –

They are not profitable. –

Has a huge float. –

Negative short term outlook. –

Big competition FedEx and UPS

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. Can you please let me know your thoughts on this. Also I am curious to how the chart looks like. Is there something I am missing here? I am a bit invested in this so I am trying to make sure. Thanks and Happy Holidays !!!

Should you Invest ?

Why not FedEx UPS Instead?

Why the sudden spike in share price?

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