IEA Infrastructure The SPAC That Always Could

  1. In the past 3 months the stock has gone from $4 to $17.50
  2. StockTwits watchers have more than doubled in the past month or so; sentiment is more positive than any other stock I have ever seen
  3. Revenues are at $1.88B and growing at 23%. The company has over $130m EBITDA. But market cap is just $400m. This is severely underpriced, according to me and a lot of others.
  4. They are involved in civil construction and wind/solar construction. One of the biggest firms in the world. All of their business is benefitted by Biden presidency in the form of infrastructure spending.

This stock is just largely unknown. A little attention could send it flying faster. I thought it may be useful for your viewers to know

This is also a former SPAC so there are IEAWW warrants. 52 week low/high is 0.01 and $3.35

I love these big boy plays $550M Contract Pshh

man if this thing runs to $23.77 warrants will 2x

the CEO holds 1.13 M shares

IEA just got added to a clean energy index which 3xed this year. I can’t find how much money this Index manages though.

Funds just started getting into IEA. 24% increased since last quarter. Here is the technical performance

Ranked 10 in the group industry by IBD. Group Relative Strength is A+. Earning surprise last quarter was 100%. EPS is not very high and can be improved, but other clean energy stocks like FCEL or CLNE have way worse stats and their market caps are over 1Billion

Is this Golden Beautiful Unicorn?

Who Does This Remind Me Of? TPI Composite the WorkHorse USPS Body Maker

now we have something to compare it to, remember when we talked about 1.4Billion Rev last year… well remember we are actually about 30% above last year revenue alone…

So 1.4 x .35 YOY Increase is Roughly 1.9B, so to match the market caps with TPI what price does IEA price need to be at roughly 80% increase just to run parallel with TPI?

So How Should We Play This?

low risk tolerance

100% commons

mid risk

50 50warrants/commons

high risk

100% warrants

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