burgundy acquisition could it bring REE to market?


European, Israeli and U.S. technology companies. has 400M but is run by Leo Apotheker “During his tenure as chief executive at HP, the company lost more than $30 billion in market capitalization after a series of strategic missteps by the company, leading to his resignation.” lol echnology sector, particularly companies in enterprise software or technology-enabled services.

Leo is main guy at Burgundy

This Lady, She supossidly had a convo with Cevin and brought up Leo.. the

IF this is fake saying “good luck” in Jewish is a smart move.. along with using the name Cevin

REE is Israeli

Bezinga even has an article bout eToro Possible Merger

BTAQ Holdings

Another potential is of course ION IACA

check out what one of our discord fam members found

UPDATE Daniel Barel studied Economics at Hebrew University, Jeruselum — and So did Leo Apotheker The Head of BTAQ – That is huge to me. What a connection to have at a meeting.

END update *

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