start to develop the space of digital assets and will be looking into blockchain 3.0 technology like Polkadot, Cardano, and Ethereum 2.0.

“What a beautiful site to see, our 1st Staking Pool SANTOPOOL1 for ADA, is syncing to the Cardano blockchain.” they also stated: “Getting the Front-End ready to link it to the SANTOPOOL for Staking should be done in 2 weeks. Then it’s passive income all the way to the bank.” today the Company said: ” If IBM is developing Blockchain applications they definitely see a future.”

RFID anti-counterfeiting tags “DNATags”

Digital Crypto Assets living will “CRYPTOMORTIS”

BLockChain SoftWare

Santo’s Subsidiary N3 operates and owns a Blockchain Software Development Company with its offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam called “N3 Technology”. With a strong team of full-stack software engineers, we help organizations understand and deploy blockchain projects. We focus on unsurpassed quality at all the stages of the software development with ongoing post-production support by our software development team.

Recent Press Releases


News Provided By Santo Mining Corp January 04, 2021, 14:23 GMT Share This Article HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM, January 4, 2021 / — Santo Mining Corp., dba SANTO Blockchain Labs Corp. (OTCPINK: SANP) (“Santo”, ”SAITEC”, “SANP”, or the “Company”), announces its’ new corporate website We are confident that the new site’s interface, content and user functionality provides an enriched experience. The company will have a weekly corporate videocast published every Thursday of the week between 10:30-13:30 EST and will be available for viewing on the new corporate site, under the investors’ presentation section.

Additionally, the company would like to update shareholders on its recent projects and upcoming corporate events.

• 2020 State of Florida Amended Annual Report [DONE]
• State of Florida Fictitious Name Registration (SANTO Blockchain Labs Corp.) [DONE]
• 2021 State of Florida Year Annual Report [WIP]
• Application for OTCIQ [WIP]
• ADA Stake Pool (SANTOPOOL1) [WIP] ETA 15 days
• 8Q’s & 2019, 2020 YearEnd Financials [WIP] ETA 45-60 days
• Current PINKOTC [WIP] ETA 60-90 days
• DNATags [WIP] ETA 30 days
• Skullys [WIP] ETA 120-180 days
• PIXA.ART [WIP] ETA 120-180 days
• Dividenz [WIP] ETA 120-180 days
• SAITEC fully operational and in the black

Frank Yglesias, CEO, stated, “By the end of the Q1 2021 our shareholders will have a much better picture as to the vision and direction the company has charted in the blockchain industry as many of our projects that have been on the shelf since the crash of the crypto market in 2018 will be getting dusted-off and placed on the market for sale or merger, keep an eye out for this.”

don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% buying some, but this graphic on their homepage . Every time I read it I’m more confused. But… honestly they had me at 90% efficiency, don’t even care what they mean. That’s seriously efficient.

Are They Active with Updates Etc?

Digging through this CEOs twitter makes it seem likes hes so fired up to bring his stock up. got a good feeling about this one

You guys watch any of those weekly Vimeo videos the CEO posts above? The first two of the year are an attempt to directly address past shady deals in the past, basically saying other people screwed him over (ASAMA). Is just about exactly as you’d expect from a triple zero penny. I put multiple buys on this one, grabbing a little now and more if it dips. He said the next videos are focused on future now that he’s addressed past. Will be interesting to watch unfold

They make new update videos about every week

How To Join The 1,000,000 Share Club?

To sum this one up

Sketchy But Could Be A Castle Maker

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