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Apple Canoo evgo

DSGT Imperium SkyWell Electric Vehicles

IEA Infrastructure and energy alternative

Holy Toledo $SGBX :muscle_tone1::dollar::rocket:[8:22 AM]Via @WSJ, the U.S. government will require all Intl. airline passengers to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test prior to boarding flights into the country. As SG advances in the healthcare sector, we commit to providing efficient & innovative services.

Whats your email?[10:50 AM]He’s going to join your stream. asked me for the link?[10:50 AM]He answered my questions:[10:51 AM]

It won’t let me post them all here[10:53 AM]

Was the 100,000 lab order projected for Q4 2020 numbers, or was this on top of our existing forecasts? ( I understand you can’t answer at this time) Cannot answer[10:54 AM]– –

I reference to selling of a ready-made deployable lab:v What is the average / ball park, cost to a customer, who wanted to purchase a fully finished SG Block, ready to be deployed. Particularly, one ready for a rural area in which one could start testing immediately? ANSWER :This has not been disclosed, other than to say that we can deliver at a substantial discount to the cost of a site built structure, with deployment about 50% quicker, or more.[10:55 AM]

Has the Corona Virus affected “production” for SG block? I know in areas where I live (St. Louis) Construction has been essential, most projects have taken additional safety measures, but otherwise are continuing work on. ANSWER: Nothing to note.[10:56 AM]

Congratulations on recent orders! Is SG blocks currently talking with any hospital networks, such as their current deal with Osang? For example, i.e. BJC, SSM, or Accension? ANSWER: We have said that we are in discussions with additional health care providers and other entities, including transportation and entertainment.[10:56 AM]

raditionally we (SG blocks) to my knowledge, have target residential, single family homes, condo’s commercial / restaurants. Do you think there is a possibility to broker more deals with medical, labs, hospitals, etc? If so, could this be an additional? ANSWER: We have three verticals (health care, commercial, and residential), and expect to be active in all three going forward[11:00 AM]

My last uestion pertained to dropping single unit places for short term rentals and costs associated: ANSWER . Can’t speak to a generic offering, as each project is scoped differently. I would say that we generally want to pursue opportunities that can provide sustainable revenue, less focused on one-offs.

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