SPAC The Lucid Dreaming Klein Named CCIV

IF CCIV does go Lucid Can They Hit QS numbers?

How about Warrants though

  • Commons From $23.42 to $99 is a 343% increase on your Moneez
  • Commons From $23.42 to $130 is a 455.08% increase on your Moneez
  • Warrants $9.20 to $30 is 226.087% increase
  • Warrants to $40 is 334.78% increase

Ya but what about options bro?

CCIV at $22.06 on 23rd Jan 2021

Entry cost: $1,230.00

So at 128$ common price we will be at 859% instead of 480% …

So which one is best

IF Deal Makes The Deal Of A Lifetime What Way Yields Best Happy Dance?

  • Options (Best Multiplier – Highest Risk ) –>>
  • Commons (2nd best multipliers least risk) –>>
  • Warrants ( risky and not best multipliers )


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contribute U$320 billion to non-oil GDP and create 1.8 million jobs by 2025, said the crown prince, the fund’s chairman.

And if your still a bit worried, just remember

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