Proterra ACTC worth a buy?

Proterra and Komatsu Announce New Collaboration To Develop All-Electric Construction Equipment

Komatsu Agreement Represents Proterra’s Entry Into Off-Road EV Market and First Electric Construction Equipment

ha ha..I worked for Komatsu until last year!! Its out of Japan but its all over the world…about 40 bil company…It is catching up to CAT since 80’s!! so definitely it would be big for proterra..They make thousands of loaders, excavators and other equipment a year.[11:25 AM]@Octopus Money Multipliers…I think in future Komatsu may buy out Proterra EV power train division…They are setting up 300 mil facility in Milwaukee as we speak..In addition to their existing foot print in states…Trend in Mining and construction equipment is moving towards EV/Fuel cell powered machines but usually that industry lags behind Automobile industry so i think Komatsu wants to get jump start into the game!!

They have big facility in Peoria for mining dump trucks e.g. 400 tonnes monsters…In Milwaukee they make big P&H mining shovels which is quite ready to accept batteries or Fuel cell pack so its kind of jump start for them but in my opinion its just the would at least take few years in order to get machine out with EV power train..its very slow industry!!!

They’re a huge manufacturer[11:32 AM]I’ve been doing business with mining companies for 20 years… komatsu is very well known in the industry. #2, behind CAT

They manufacture machines from scratch in Peoria, Longview texas, Chattanooga, Milwaukee..just to name few of their loation.

Yes..agree in fact Komatsu is #1 in few segments like mining shovel, Coal mining machines which would be big in India, China and south africa going forward.

Yep, Komatsu is huge. I used to be on the audit team for their NA operations back in my public accounting days. This is very exciting news

I jumped in with few calls today on not expect it to run right away but it is another big revenue stream for proterra going forward.

Proterra wants to get into cell manufacturing as well as battery packs. Their battery packs are supposed to be industrial grade, where as most wouldn’t be good for this kind of machinery

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