Market Drama

Fight for the little guy?

I believe in a better equal world

I know that world can’t exist right now

He who rules the world, rules the world

You may think your helping

what you did was just Enabled another

RULE in the name of Safety

id rather die on my feet than live on my knees

is there a better way to fight?

“ask me to join an anti war party, id never do that, ask me to join a peace ralley ill be the first one there.”

How to handle it like a boss?

The real way to win this is pivot when the masses wont

truth is we should hvae been buying VIX calls instead of GME NOK etc

where do you want to have your feet planted in this ?

cfrank81Today at 7:59 AM
Does anyone have any ideas what the hedge funds will do to make up for their losses in the shorted stocks?? Just curious if anyone has any good ideas for future plays after this, i’m sure the hedge funds will try to make up that money somewhere could this be a catalyst for them to invest in more speculative plays any ideas?

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