Flying Taxis Electric Vehicle Style Plane Heli Thingies Airports?


Ok here’s my eVTOL SPAC list: –

  • #znte-✈zanitea – .uber connections

look that this beef cake of a spac 1/2 warrant(edited)[12:50 PM]

Aerospace & Defense, Urban Mobility and Emerging Technology, Sustainable aviationKenneth Ricci (Principal, Directional Aviation Capital), John Veihmeyer (Fmr Global Chairman, KPMG International; Director, Ford Motor), Larry Flynn (Fmr President, Gulfstream Aerospace), Advisor: Ronald Sugar (Fmr Chairman/CEO, Northrop Grumman; Chairman, Uber; Director of Apple, Chevron, Amgen)$232,300,000

  • $XPOA – We intend to focus our search efforts on North American-based targets with an aggregate enterprise value of $1 billion to $2 billion.
DPCM Capital, Inc.SearchingTechEmil Michael (Fmr Chief Business Officer, Uber), Eric Schmidt (Fmr Google CEO and Chairman, Fmr Exec Chairman, Alphabet) Shervin Pishevar (Co-founder, Sherpa Capital), Betsy Atkins (Fmr CEO, Clear Standards; Co-founder Ascend Communications)$300,000,000
  • $PIPP – Biden connections Uber connections
Pine Island Acquisition Corp.SearchingDefense, Government service and AerospaceJohn Thain (Fmr CEO of Merrill Lynch and NYSE; Director, Uber), Philip Cooper (Fmr Partner/CIO, Goldman Sachs Private Equity), Ambassador Stuart Holliday, Ambassador Capricia Marshall (Fmr US Chief of Protocol), Michael Roemer (Fmr Chief Compliance Officer, Wells Fargo)$218,388,000
  • #gnpk-aviation -GNPK they are also Aviation Unicorn focused: David N. Siegel – Mr. Siegel has 30 years of experience in the aerospace and aviation industries and possesses deep relationships across the entire aerospace supply chain. He currently serves as Executive Chairman of Sun Country Airlines, an ultra-low-cost carrier (“ULCC”), which he joined in April 2018, and as Chairman of Volotea, a Spanish low-cost airline, which he joined in April 2018. Since October 2017, Mr. Siegel has acted as a Senior Advisor for Apollo and in that capacity assisted Apollo in the acquisition of portfolio companies Sun Country Airlines and Volotea. From April 2016 to September 2017
  • Amazing Airplane team some uk german connections
Genesis Park Acquisition Corp.SearchingAviation and aviation servicesRichard Anderson (Fmr CEO, Delta; Fmr CEO, Amtrak), David Siegel (Exec Chairman, Sun Country Airlines; Fmr CEO, Frontier Airlines), Jonathan Baliff (CEO, Bristow)$166,232,863
  • DFNS is Aerospace, Defense and Telecommunications
LGL Systems Acquisition CorpSearchingAerospace, Defense, Communications$173,100,514

Uber Connections matter becuase of Joby

  • #evtol🚁nvsa-new-vista NOT OUT YET
New Vista Acquisition CorpPre IPOAviation, Aerospace, DefenseDennis Muilenburg (Fmr CEO, Boeing), Marion Blakey (Fmr CEO, Rolls-Royce North America; Fmr Administrator, FAA), Lieut. Gen. Herbert Raymond McMaster (Retired US Army Lt General; Fmr US National Security Advisor to President Trump), Dr. John Tracy (Former CTO of Boeing), Paul Eremenko (CEO, Universal Hydrogen)$200,000,000

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