The Next 10x Crypto Bitcoin Play? Kucoin KCS

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My new coin pick is actually an exchange token from one of the largest and oldest exchanges (Chinese based) called Kucoin. The exchange is known for its VAST selection of alt coins. You’ll find just about every obscure shit coin imaginable and the best part is Americans can access the exchange since no KYC is required. You’ll see why this is colossal later on)
The ticker is KCS Kucoin token

There are many reasons why I think Kucoin token is set to explode in the coming months. First of all exchange tokens in general have been performing well. But that in itself isn’t enough to crate buzz to propel the coin to new all time highs. The reason I’m extremely bullish on KCS is because the team at kucoin recently upgraded the token with smart contract functionality … this can be seen right here at the top of the coinmarketcap page for the coin

Low and behold they are planning a whole entire ecosystem of products surrounding KCS! Like decentralized finance and DEXes!!

So I’m not sure if you’ve been following but recently there was another centralized exchange Binance that made this exact same move when it released Binance smart chain, causing the value of it’s native token BNB to go absolutely bananas because crypto traders are looking for an alternative to Ethereum for the time being, since the ethereum network is becoming slow and expensive to the point of being almost unusable for small transactions.[10:25 PM]

Binance smart chain gave rise to a whole ecosystem of CeDeFi products (like pancake swap :wink:

)[10:25 PM]And the value of BNB (which is to Binance smart chain as ETH is to the Ethereum network) has had absolutely shocking price action

Analysis of current crypto social media trends confirms my thesis

Last but not least there is one final factor which in my opinion will add fuel to the fire

I recommend you watch this to get an understanding[10:27 PM]And so where did he go to find his latest gems ?

Personally I think it’s only a matter of time before KCS ends up in BitBoy’s portfolio, which would absolutely skyrocket the price. And speaking of price, checking the price of Kucoin token we see it sitting well below it’s all time highs of 20$. I see it going AT LEAST to this price and then beyond.

That’s what I got :smiley:

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