Boom SuperSonic

Super Sick ESG ish planes

ZNTE – The OBvious answer, or are we gonna get picked up by some random green leaf spac… again?

So we have Airforce and Notre Dame connections

He loves Supersonic and EvTOL ESG stuff.. he also owns flexjet and is partnered with Aerion

Ricci LOVES this guy

So dude he loves is big dude at Notre Dame.. hrrrrmm

So guy he likes also LOVES SuperSonic Aircraft….

What if i told you CEO donated 100m$ and gave ZERO direction of said placement of funds????

Wonder where the money went to… or was used for..?

Ah ok guy has passed in 2015, oh i know about this guy he’s been in movies of course how about Rudy lol

I could see Kenneth Ricci doing this as kind of a tribute to his idol, totally would make since

I mean maybe Ricci just latterly donated in honor or him, and since the guy was such an influential life changer he knew it would make is super proud and help continue his legacy at Notre dame..

Am I just getting Emo thinking of Rudy?

Anyone seend the movie Hesburgh?

What a cool story

Still could be lillium or something close, whatever ill take all

See the UBER logo?

Y’all like

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