Company that designs, develops, manufactures and commercializes plasma atomized metal powder, plasma waste-to-energy systems and plasma torch products,

They’ve sold one of these torches for a bout 1.5mill. they replace diesel furnaces. One company they are contracted to has about 50 furnaces. 1.5mx50 would be nice profit for them. Currently they seem to only be “testing” it

Cathie Wood Arkk New Bae?

The only strange thing is they are buying Canadian OTC ticker (PYN) not PYRNF

they probably can’t buy otc thus buying it directly from the tsx? would that make sense?

MONTREAL, Aug. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — HPQ Silicon Resources Inc. (“HPQ” or the “Company”) TSX-V: HPQ; FWB: UGE; Other OTC : URAGF; is pleased to announce that HPQ Nano Silicon Powders Inc (“HPQ NANO”), a 100% owned HPQ subsidiary, and PyroGenesis Canada Inc. (TSX-V: PYR) have signed a development agreement covering the PUREVAPTM Nano Silicon (Si) Reactor (“NSiR”) development program and the future commercialisation of nano silicon materials made with this new, proprietary and low cost manufacturing process. The process will transform Silicon (Si) into spherical Silicon nanopowders and nanowires for use in Li-ion batteries.

US Based Client HRRMMMM???

April 1st and 21st, 2020, it has signed an additional contract (the “Contract”) with a US based tunneling client (the “Client”) for approx. $1.1MM. The total value of all contracts, including the one announced today, entered into with the Client is in excess of $3.6MM. The Company has received $1.3MM to date under these contracts. The Client’s name will remain confidential for competitive reasons. Based on these contracts, PyroGenesis will be designing, manufacturing, testing and supplying the Client with a plasma torch tailored specifically for tunneling (the “TT1 Torch”). The TT1 Torch is expected to be delivered in the second half of 2021, at which time it will then be tested. The Client is committed to purchase exclusively from PyroGenesis, and the Company is committed to exclusively supply the Client with plasma torches and auxiliary equipment for tunneling applications.[9:28 AM]they make nanopowders and nanowires for use in Li-ion batteries

HPQ announced today that it has received a request for Spherical Nano Silicon powders to be produced by the PUREVAP™ Nano Silicon Reactor (“NSiR”) from a major automobile manufacturer which, when concluded, will represent the first pre-order for these powders. PyroGenesis recently entered into an agreement with HPQ Nano Silicon Powders Inc (“HPQ NANO”), a wholly owned subsidiary of HPQ in which, amongst other things, PyroGenesis benefits from (i) a 10% royalty (“Royalty”) on HPQ NANO’s future sales (with set minimums), and (ii) the option to convert that Royalty at any time into a 50% ownership in HPQ NANO.[

9:41 AM]no name just says a “major automobile manufacturer”

[9:46 AM]from what i understand, HPQ Silicon Received a Request For Nano Silicon From Undisclosed Auto Manufacturer. which i guess people are linking it to tesla. but not confirmed

also some speculation, the tunneling company could be Elon’s boring company no? they disclose no names for competitive reasons…. which is super lame

Ya But how bout some Govt Contracts?

PyroGenesis Canada Inc (CVE:PYR) (OTCQB:PYRNF) CEO Peter Pascali tells Proactive the group has won a $11.5 million contract with the US Navy, increasing its contract backlog to $40M. Pascali says the company said it will provide its waste destruction technology for two systems — one for each ship in the US Navy’s two-ship build.

SVAC – new rumor

Also Norther Star Invesetment corp 2 and apex clearing says tomorrow might be DA i did video on them friday i think

Yall buy that KuCoin From Fridays Video?

Just realized if you have a Cashapp you can buy BTC around 2% fee and transfer it took about 20 mins to clear to kucoin

Also Norther Star Invesetment corp 2 and apex clearing says tomorrow might be DA i did video on them friday i think

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