AriaNee Luxery Cytpo Use Case 20x your money easy bros

I reached out with ?’s and got these answers from

have list of all brand associations current and to come or something similar?

Here are all the brands who have publicly announced they are part of the consortium (there are a few more who are members but requested to stay anonymous).

is this system eventually going to go 100% on the Lukso ecosystem instead of Ethereum?

At the moment our vision is to be a multichain protocol. We can deployed on any EVM chain and we think that many chains will offer something interesting. Now we are waiting eagerly for the launch of Lukso as we think it might be an amazing place for fashion projects!

Tesla Video Legit?

It is real, hacked that together when he received his Model 3
We however do not have a deal with Tesla.

any bigger pushes to other brands other than luxury, like hunting, car parts anything like that or just luxury Euro focused?

At the moment mainly Luxury and Fashion but we already have requests from Wine & Spirits, Cosmetics and Automotive industry.

End Q and A

Are they letting things die or are they pushing this thing?

all looks good to me!

oh ya so… did i Mention we have French Governement Money in this too… like 10% stake?

Ok sweet how do we hurry up and buy?

I think Uniswap is your best bet

Did yall notice how the website is .ORG … non profit, open system for development aka sky is the limit

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