Best 5 Crypto NFT Focused Tokens To Buy Meow!


  • UFC
  • NBA Top Shot
  • Halo Call of Duty Monkeys Ben Mauro


  • Veve

Brands that MIGHT come

Stock Bros JUST talked about it, but they can’t figure out how to buy it, only one bought 150,000$ worth.

Logan Paul started talking about them

Floyd Mayweather has been in talks with them “sources” So is boxing coming?


Huge Catalyst Just ripped

Funko has a market cap of $959.4 million

At a starting price point of $9.99, pop culture fans will be able to purchase packs of NFTs featuring Funko’s unique stylizations. Collectors who score ultra-rare Funko NFTs will also be able to redeem those NFTs for exclusive, corresponding physical Funko figures. Collectors can look forward to a new unique Funko property to be released on the WAX platform each week.

Plus thats where the Octo Fam is

I was asked by @pugofwallst “Do you know a good place to store NFT from different places? Bought a 30 NFT (death row) at Fanaply. It says I can sell it or send it to Metamask. To send to Metamask their is a “GAS FEE” .086799 Etherium $179.47. I would love a cool cost effective display app for NFT”


Arianee Aria20 @ArianeeProject

Why these?

Brands, Deals, Best In Class, You Dont Need To Baby Sit

Aweomse How to Buy Them?

Easiest way For USA is:

Download Trust Wallet on your cell phone.


Send USDT to whatever exchange the crypto is on

How do you konw what exchange its on, go here type in name and scoll down on left hand side it will tell you under Exchange:

Exchange USDT for the crypto you want

Then for wax send it to your waxwallet

Make sure and set up google authentication aka 2fa

Possibly send to another secure wallet IF its possible?

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