Top 5 SPANks to buy MEOW

Hardly any risk/downside



IonQ Quantum Computing


  • – BeachBody – Lebron – Aronold – Shaq
  • half revenue of Peloton 1/5th of it’s market cap


  • MarkForged 3d Printer
  • i think over half billion in revenue


  • Rocket Labs
  • constantly sending SFTW (black sky) satellites up with contract


  • RedWire


  • AVEpoint ( SAAS Microsoft 365 )

SPFR – Velo3d

  • aone competitor, bought by Cathy Woods as well
  • make parts for Tesla who wanted to buy them

SVOK – Boxed

Online Costoco

SV Spring Valley AeroFarms Verticle

FTCV Etoro


QeLL – Lilium


RTP Joby

NFT Givaway!


just buy spcx As of right now we do not do a daily update of our trades, of course positions are updated daily on the site so you can always back into it. Generally, we are looking for strong management teams with strong track records and then looking to buy as close to 10 (or under these days) as possible. We then sell on a pop and reinvest that money in a new, lower priced SPAC. Right now our only warrants are from splitting units, we have not gone out and bought new warrants. At our size we prefer to buy the common, also the warrants can get a bit wild. Let me know if you have any other questions.

DCRB – Hyzon Rumored





SRNGU ofcourse,




top 5 Super Cheap warrants

BREZ – Breeze

exploring, developing, producing, transporting, storing, gathering, processing, fractionating, refining, distributing or marketing of natural gas, natural gas liquids, crude oil or refined products in North America

LEGO – Legato

JCIC Jack Creek

“Jack Creek Investment Corp., led by Jeffrey Kelter, Robert Savage, Thomas Jermoluk and James Clark, is incorporated as a Cayman Islands exempted company for the purpose of effecting a merger, share exchange, asset acquisition, share purchase, reorganization or similar business combination with a company that is a technology innovator within the food and grocery logistics and supply chain ecosystems, where significant disruption is occurring as a result of accelerating eCommerce demand trends”

ADEXws Adit EdTech Acq

240m – education, training and education technology sectors.


$276M SPAC. Intends to merge with a business in the restaurant, hospitality or related technology and services sectors. Team: Dave Pace (Chairman Red Robin, Former CEO Jamba) Andy Pforzheimer (Board member US Foods, Co-founder Barcelona & Bartaco), Rick Federico (Board member Domino’s, Former CEO P.F. Chang’s), Starlette Johnson (Director of Chuy’s Restaurants, Former President/Director Lucky Strike Entertainment, Former President/COO Dave & Buster’s)

GFX Golden Falcon –

technology, media, telecommunications and fintech sectors

(Europe, Israel, Middle East, North America) Makram Azar (Fmr Chairman of Banking EMEA, Barclays), Xavier Rolet (Fmr CEO, London Stock Exchange; Fmr CEO, CQS), Scott Freidheim”


ESG SUSTAINABLE SPAC Mr. Peter Grosch of the advisory board is actually ex vice President of DailmerChrysler, and another was the CEO of Of Oshkosh for 13 years 600 1/3 warrant

LMAOw LMF Acquisition Opportunities

75m fintech

EUSGw Euro Sustainable Growth .75$

Environmental Impact Acquisition Corp .81

Hardly Over a Buck But might be worth trying your Luck?

SVSVw Spring Valley – Aero Farms 1.20$

SVOKw SevenOaks – Boxed (online Costco Rumor)

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