Biggest Mistakes SPAC Managements Makes

Name Droping Brands That Aren’t 110% In The Bag

Finally hiring new Marketing Fam and not letting them do their job

Sitting in Trunk For PR Blitz

Cutting relationship ties with your only synergy rip

When confronted with Negative claims on your company, like fake preOrders, your main come back is “well everyone else does it, so so what, pshhh”

Trying to sell things to people they dont want.

There is an old sales saying that goes ” sell them what you have. ” This reigns true for places and situations like car lots where your only able to sell whats on the lot at that exact time. Or for Real Estate where the agent only has one house left in the development thats painted pink and green as the buyer backed out and she can get an extra 1% SPIFF on the deal IF she sells it.

However this does work IF you starting at product devolopment stage. YOU have the choice to MAKE EXACTLY what the People want. So just do it! Great example of this doing it correctly is Henrick Fiskers Ocean:

  • it looks pretty COOL
  • its the hottest current car segment ( mini SUVs ) aka What people want
  • its pricing is SUPER affordable, lowest in Class?
  • 0 gas/oil spend over life of vehicle!

4. Lead investors on for months and months and never reveal till its just to late

Having one of the biggest social media influences out at your property and having him film a whole video, bring his own equipment etc and somehow talking him out of publishing the video.

Pivoting from Nasdaq to OTC in the name of “value”

When demoing a product, make sure the breaks work, or at least edit that part out, no just get the breaks to work.

If your gonna show off a vechicle thats made for towing make sure its towing, something

Make sure it goes over 35kph (22mph) wiht NO load

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