Plasm Shiden Network

What is it?

A Faster and Cheaper, multi-virtual machines scalable, Smart Contract Platform that Runs on PolkaDot

What Does it Run on?

It runs on PolkaDot

Polkadot no good because no Smart Contracts ( which i can’t believe. )

The Polkadot Relaychain, by design, does not support smart contracts. This allows Plasm the opportunity to fill in this gap.

  • Smart Contract = a digital Paper contract that has been Notorized

  • Plasm Network is an open-source project. = anybody is free to use, study, modify, and distribute your project for any purpose. These permissions are enforced through an open source license.

So to me this sounds like a safer, faster, broader middle man play for polkadot?

becomes a Polkadot Parachain and supports

Its a basic LOCK DROP. They will announce when its going live and you make sure you have DOT or Kusama. My advice is to have at least 1 KSM and at least 10 DOT. Short story is you lock it up aka lend it to them for a term and in return when the term is over they give you back you LOCKED amount and reward you with tokens for doing so. I did this last year with one ETH and earned almost 17k of Plasm / PLM tokens.

so the more kusama OR dot we have the more we make via interest? do we know how long the lock up will be?

The more you lock in the term the more you get. The longer of a term you lock is also another way to get more.

Octopus Money MultipliersToday at 8:54 AM

so go 50% dot 50% Kusama

so if you put in 1000$ do 500$ of each and stake that /lock it up through them

and at the end PLM will pop out?

Here is proof of my rewards for letting them borrow one ETH (time of lock worth $300) but they give it back to you plus tokens for a SPECULATIVE project. They team has delivered and it’s why I posted about this to the team. I am so in on this next lock drop.

Pretty much you get PLM & SDN. If you participate in both locks.

oh ok so two lock ups one for dot one for kusama?

We will have 2 lockdrops one on Kusama and the other one on Polkadot.

→ Kusama PLO – Shiden Network – You need to lock KSM in order to get $SDN. ——————

→ Polkadot PLO – Plasm Network – You need to lock DOT in order to get $PLM

so if i wanted in i should buy 50% of each now and just wait till we get green light?

I would buy each now or dollar cost average into each if you are on limited funds so you have skin in the game. Lock drops work on whole amounts or minimum amounts so start investing now in each to be ready for the announcement.

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