that interview btw is awesome, it’s super long and 80% if I’d heard elsewhere but he talked a lot about the vision (which shows we are scratching the surface) and mentioned there are 100 other deals they haven’t announced.
[5:53 AM]
there is one spot where they ask him “why would you drop the big licenses like batman and back to the future when you are still in beta, doesn’t make sense”. And he replies “maybe because those aren’t the big licenses, those are just the ones good enough to get our performance issues worked out.”

he mentioned there is going to Ben $29.99 hardware wallet sold in hobby shops and stuff. It will hold only OMI and VeVe nfts and be stupid easy to use. They will likely be branded and prob packaged with a free nft to encourage adoption
[9:35 AM]
Bunch of stuff in there but one other interesting point, he mention staking is likely to result in something like a golden gem, and then certain things can only be purchased with those
[9:35 AM]
A lot of the stuff he didn’t commit to but gave a good glance into the types of stuff they are thinking about

Just catching up on today’s video… When talking bigger than batman for veve, my initial thought (like other’s) is disney & pokemon but Rhys also mentioned the licenses they hold aren’t limited to comics and cartoons, that’s just the place they started. He mentioned they had deals with celebs and atheletes, which creates a flywheel because they are incentivized to promote. They also talked about coordinating with movie launches in the future. Of course rumors of Premier league too. He said they also have 2 deals with video game companies. Trying to remember what else they talked about, but definitely not just comic world.

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