Next Big Multiplying Crypto

Y’all here about Theta, Video Streaming Platform like Twitch?

Theta baby! Yeah!

Lets time machine back to before it over a 1000xed moneys

Aioz – is A crypto version of YouTube…. AND Twitch all in One

  • Zero Cash from OTHERS to start… yes that dude up there fronted the whole thing
  • 35+ engineers now
  • The uploader AND the watcher make money off adds?
  • it doesn’t run on corpo servers, it runs on yours and my computers

AIOZ Network is decentralised, the network is powered by nodes run all over the world, thereby eliminating a single point of failure..

Other dapps can be built on the Network, AIOZ tube is just an example of how a dapp can run on network, Youtube, Netflix etc can decide to migrate to AIOZ Network as well

The Network is fully decentralised

So that means you can make money while You Sleep

Does it rob you of your resources?

Anyone Big Invested In It?

PAID Network – Middle man for crypto stuff makes it more secure ish..

Innovion blockchain

I know what your thinking

But better Fomo Now then L8er

Oh wait theres more!

“working with MAJOR media players to establish something like a decentralized Netflix”

But it will be paid for, Via Aioz tokens instead of bankster Fiat

But Bro! Is it already way over bought Through Stock Tweetis ?

Do They Even have a Plan of Attank?

Just found this more info form this dude

“What sort of savings?” I hear you ask. Did you know, Baby Shark cost YouTube c.$20M for the 7B views of the Baby Shark song? If they used AIOZ’s nodes for CDN, it would have cost them around $800k – a saving of 96%. That’s for ONE video on ONE platform.[5:50 PM]Decentralised Media dApps that cover Audio (decentralised Spotify), Image (decentralised Instagram), Video (decentralised YouTube/Netflix) and Live streaming (decentralised eSports) are all possible on the $AIOZ network.[5:51 PM]Services will be paid for with AIOZ tokens; but through a fiat converter; so businesses or consumers can use FIAT and the AIOZ purchase is behind the scenes. This reduces market friction as participants will not need any crypto knowledge to participate.[5:52 PM]$THETA is the only competitor valued at $13.6bn. $AIOZ will launch at $0.0006bn / $600k market cap; 22,650th of the price. However there is a big difference…[5:52 PM]$THETA only have their own DApp deployed on their network. $AIOZ is focused on developing developers portal resources for dApp deployment; expanding their potential market dramatically; i.e. an ecosystem of products that require $AIOZ to function.[5:53 PM]This could lead to an entire new era of decentralised apps that are supported on the $AIOZ network; creating huge demand for the token itself. Many of the below could either use the CDN to save money, or be replicated entirely using the AIOZ blockchain:[5:53 PM]

[5:53 PM]In these projects, I always ask, “What would make me sell my token?” if I was a node operator. The answer really is nothing until it gets to $1BN+ market cap at a minimum. That’s nearly 1,700X initial listing price…[5:54 PM]In summary why it’s my next 100X $ALT: – Team – History & proven ability – Tech – Roadmap – Potential to disrupt an entire industry in MULTIPLE ways. $600K market cap at launch vs. $THETA ‘s $13bn

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