market hrmms

Are people gonna go back to value chip stocks NOW instead of Growth stocks

MindMaze – Advanced neuroscience and digital therapeutics Traf/mo (us):
710/730 – Kw (us): 22/44Advanced neuroscience applied to everyday life. Our products are having a profound impact on the lives of people with neurological diseases and brain injuries.

IS growth DEAD?

NO ALL retail just getting squarshed

I THINK this trend of after spac then cool might be next? still early in proof

Super Sick SPAC Targets

SoCal is booming and people are over it too just wanted to get a sense of macro especially with bill gates and bezos liquidating like crazy


But what matters NOW and near term is boots on the ground if you ask me

Western Washington is busy! Can’t find people to work. Houses selling for $80,000 over asking on a $350,000 house.

Small town PA is booming houses sell in a day for over asking starting to see big price increases in raw materials

Atlanta house market stupid hot, prices :arrow_up: (HD, groceries, etc). People out and about work stores full

Economy Booming here in Orlando -it’s busier now than it was before march 2020 it’s crazy

medical equipment like wheelchairs hospital equipment and I’ve had alot of people buy stuff in the past month that they never could afford before you be surprised. Business is absolutely crazy rn(edited)[12:15 PM]Money solves alot of problems for people

Ontario, where we can’t even golf right now

outbreak scared tourists away last summer, everything is fine now with others have said, most people are over it. main problem now is lack of valets, servers, hotel workers, etc. etc. Crazy to see chain pizza places closing at 9PM, when under normal conditions it would be 1 or 2AM. 100% no low-wage workers issue right now.

Extreme high income and capital gain taxes don’t let me multiply in Central Europe. So I am thinking about / planning leaving my Country. There are still countries in The European Union with extreme low income and capital tax rates. Sorry for Off topic.

You gotta remember the average family of 4 got 7k from government lol. Before the pandemic usa households had 1 trillion in savings. Now they have 2.2 trillion in savings. this economy is about to boom lkke we’ve seen before

seems like most of em are spending that on food with how busy we been at the restuarants lol

Hiring signs everywhere around me and Iam 20min south of Boston

Downtown Nashville is like nothing happened.

Germany: still nearly complete lockdown. Amazon is a big winner here imo. Even really old people have an Amazon account now – and are ordering like crazy. Real Estate prices climbing since years.

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