Because We’ares Happae!

WHO Thay Is?

Ya but is it cheepy?

Get this they PAY you to hold it, like interest

Sweet Bro But How Do I Hurry Up and BUy?


Install MetaMask

Go to Kucoin BUY BNB


2. While in there ( make sure its in your MAIN wallet ) Transfer it to MetaMask

4. Go to

Make sure V1 (OLD) is selected at bottom of page

Top right click connect wallet ( aka metamask)

Click BNB/tocken if not selected and click bnb

TO: PASTE adress of HAPPY from this web site here:

Make sure click the hamburger with ants in it ( settings ) and change slippage to 12% )

Then follow them on social media and watch them live on friday do a charity giveaway ! Share with your friends!

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