Aero Farms UPdate SV Spring Valley

390 X greater productivity

while using up to 95% less water and

zero pesticides versus traditional field farming.[8:19 AM]

Those numbers are ground breaking[8:19 AM]

I am officially a boomer

Amazon fresh walmart
[8:26 AM]
Open to franchising!
[8:26 AM]
At 47min
[8:27 AM]
Not in proforma but they do feed kids in need at schools etc
[8:29 AM]
World wildlife in saint louis is in works not public yet
[8:29 AM]
Other locations not public yet
[8:30 AM]
16 farms in the works
[8:31 AM]
Joint venture, license farms all over the world
[8:31 AM]
Business plan outside of usa looks better than what’s in it
[8:32 AM]
Talked how in merica it takes 13 months to build something
[8:32 AM]
In china 1 month lol
[8:34 AM]
Middle east imports 90% of its food
[8:35 AM]
We may be a grower, we may end up selling equipment for green leaf, but we will not be a dispensary
[8:38 AM]
Q1 or q2 growing plants in uae
[8:40 AM]
Fresh direct will deliver to your door
[8:42 AM]
Woe keep price same for consumers
[8:42 AM]
But they are starting to charge more to stores
[8:42 AM]
Because their stuff has a way longer shelf life, crazy
[8:43 AM]
So even amazon is paying them more per ounce than anyone else

Already mapped out whole usa of where they gonna go😎1💰1[8:47 AM]City’s are giving them incentives for going to certain areas and creating jobs = cheap build land taxes

California Washington and canada areas they are looking at!

Thats cool bro, but what about world wide exposure, like where in the world would be the best place for them to like, set up shop next, you know what i mean?

its gonna be huge

[9:39 AM]big guy on the board

[9:39 AM]he controls billions in UAE[9:39 AM]

and it sounds like he is gonna be used a big gateway[9:39 AM]

they already have something in the works[9:40 AM]

have 3 people there[9:40 AM]

9000 people applied to last job posted, “so people want it”[9:41 AM]

guess i was wrong[9:41 AM

]uae is seperate

basically let it known that the whole area though “desert”[9:42 AM]needs/wants them[9:43 AM]

looks like miami

95% less water and imports 90% of their food just sounds like $$$ to me.
[9:50 AM]
Especially in a desert

Ya but isn’t this risky investment Bro?

They are actually paying to you to invest right now because the trust is sitting at $10.1

Ya but any other catalysts, Vegatables are kinda for beta’s.

Ya But I aint going to no store, like in person, can’t i just have it ordered to by door step, not for me, but for like a chick?

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