Stock market Tuesday.. Monday?


extended the Outside Date (as defined in the Business Combination Agreement) from June 8, 2021 to August 6, 2021,

Daymak Spiritus Will Be the World’s First Electric Car to Mine Cryptocurrency, From Dogecoin to Bitcoin, While It’s Parked

Daymak Avvenire, which is being engineered as the most advanced lineup of LEVs on the market, has surpassed 350 million dollars in pre-orders in less than 60 days

7 11 electric vehicle charging

Chargepoint but does chargepoint buy Trillium chargers then just stickers them?



Stic bark box despacs tomorrow too

erj halo eve evtols huh?

IEA Orbital energy group inc oeg



Mall Traffic: back to happy days…

Busy store checks suggest May week 4 traffic improved from the -48.2% month to date 2-year stack result. MS Research: “Store traffic during our checks ahead of the Memorial Day weekend pointed to improvement compared to our April Week 4 and May Week 2 visits. Inventory levels across the mall remained low and appeared depleted in a few stores, which suggests strong demand but potentially constrained supply chains. We observed the longest register line counts at young adult retailers, where shoppers seemed the most willing to pay full price despite narrow and/or non-existent category promotions.

KWEB CQQQ time for catch up y’all

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