Chargepoin Finkel Einhorn DCRN

We was right Tritium IS Chargepoint

CPE 100 and CPE 200 – ChargePoint Express DC fast chargers offer fast charging for most DC-capable electric vehicles. With an embedded AC-to-DC converter, they directly charge the vehicle battery and can charge some EVs in less than 30 minutes. Express stations are particularly suitable for short dwell time parking, freeway corridor locations and quick turnaround fleet charging. They can also be installed in workplaces to complement CT4000 stations for employees who need a quick charge. Express 100 is 24 kW, Express 200 is 50 kW, and Express 250 is 62.5 kW. Express 100 is available in separate CCS and CHAdeMO models, while Express 200 is larger and has both ports.[23][24] Express 200 is a charging design licensed from Tritium.

7 11 baby, largest retail chain in Merica

Chargepoint has let it be known too

Also make them for Pod Point

Osprey same deal

But why should we care about Osprey, who Ospray anyways?

Also get this, Chargepoint etc are moving to this

Umbrella retail using them too

These guys have exclusive deal with this monster


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