Hope Crypto Lets Rip Mirrors


Remember my biggest fear was marketing, and team push, I think we got what I wanted confirmed, check this out:

I talked to Antoine and Melisa from one of the best charity crypto coins

Melisa said: we are in week 4 as per their Roadmap- it’s 5 weeks ago that we hired them- 1 week of prep and 4 weeks into their roadmap

Antoine said: we are mid of it they are reaching some influencers! We expect good from them to don’t worry !

Marketing firm they are using seems pretty legit, here are some speakers for next even they are having

They also just dropped this which I think is super duper Smart

Hope Token is deploying it’s Hope Army!

We are igniting a movement to inspire people to do kind gestures in their communities and spread $HOPE around the world while raising visibility for our project.

The participants of this movement will have to find someone in need in their own cities.  

For example, you come across a homeless person, you can kindly ask him if he’d like some groceries, clothes or even a hair cut. Be as creative and as generous as you want!

The $HOPE token team will commit themselves to reimburse all spent money by the participant to help someone in need, to a max total of $100 per participant, per video.

We will reward every participant by giving them a 20% bonus on top of the total amount of their purchase! 

This way you can make money while helping others. Just like with $HOPE token!

To be eligible: 

  1. Participants will have to record themselves doing an act of kindness and follow our video guide lines.  
  2. They will then have to submit a picture of the receipt for their expenses along with the video of their kind gesture, their BSC wallet address and the direct link to the video you posted in Social Media.  
  3. You will be able to send all of that information using the form available at hope-token/army   
  4. When uploading your video on social media, you will have to use this text for the video description: “We, the hope token army, are inspiring the world to spread hope around us. Join the movement and get rewarded at:
  • In the video description also include the following hashtags:   

              #hopetokenarmy #hopetoken #cryptocurrency  

  • By filling out our form you are agreeing to allow Hope Token use your video on our social media channels.  
  • Reimbursement will be done within 24 hours.  Lets spread some $HOPE around the world. 

Video Guidelines for Hope Army

We need you to submit 1 videos with this criterias for refund:

  • Raw footage to prove to us that your purchases and gifts coincide. 
  • When you will do the donation/gifts, we need to see it, so don’t put it in a bag.  (If we don’t see it, we won’t refund you).
  • Ideally you will get a friend to film you making a donation instead of doing a selfie video  
  • Record the video in HORIZONTAL if you are shooting with your phone!  
  • Your video need to be under 3 minutes. 
  • At the beginning of the video you have to introduce yourself to the camera.  
  • In the video we need to clearly see that you are the one doing the donation.
  • At the end of the video we would like to see the receiver (or receivers) thanking hope. “Thank you Hope Token”

Whats my end all of end all marketing i HOPE we can accomplish:

Hope Concert Series Presents

“1st annual Toronto, Music In The Park” Toronto’s Most Talented Artists Including:

…. ….

All NET proceeds will be divided evenly towards:

  • • To Write Love on Their Arms ( Depression )
  • • Local ( current city concert is in ) PSTD, Asbergers
  • • Big Brother Big Sister of ( city concert in )

Brand it all with HOPE, Sell hope swag, Selfie booths, Local food Vendors, HOPE QR codes

You could even hire LOCAL on the street teams to help set one up in their city. Also have them handle HOPE of City social media. These are called ( street teams. ) Have them help with recrout bands/talent Get venue lined up etc

EThereum delayed better for BNB binance Pancake swap Polka Dot ADA Cardano ETC

Ya but still cheap or already 10xed bro?

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