How to retire early part 1

1. Figure out YOUR why?

Ya ever prayed for stuff or things, but forgot to think WHY?

The WHY is all that actually matters.

What do you want and WHY?

Whats the point of getting a bunch of monies to you?

What are you going to do differently or change because of it?

Less stress? Set an example for your Kids? To be able to donate money/time/experiences to local kids that aint got no good parents?

Maybe just finding out who you DONT wanna be could be a good start?

2. CREATE Winner/Doer HABITS

Get a physical schedule book.

Fill it with:

Daily Goals – Macro Goals – every DAY

Wake up time

Breakfast – Same thing every morning

LUnch – Same thing every day

Dinner – Same thing every evening

Work out time – same time – everyday

Watch OctoFam Videos – Same Time – EveryDay

Electronic shut off time

Bed Time

Everything you Gonna do, Write it down.

2. Find something you do to make $100,000 a year

3. Get that thing that makes you 100k+ a year, no matter what, do it

Friends want to go out to lunch, go out this weekend, go shopping, block em!

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