Prospectors Wax Passive Income

Set up wax wallet/account

Where to buy Wax? Kucoin or Wax Wallet

Where to buy PGL ( crypto you can trade for wax – usdt etc ) for GOLD ( in game currency )

Sign up for game pros pectors

It will ask to connect your WAX-Wallet you already set up, Do It

How to get a premium Account ( pay to win )

Click cog top right

Bottom Right Click Sign up for premium ( free 2 day trial )

Exchange PGL ( crypto you can trade for wax – usdt etc ) for GOLD ( in game currency )

Top right cog

click Exchange

Enter amount


How to earn Diplomas – ( be social acceptable )

Bottom right click one of your characters

bottom right of pop up will show Diplomas

Click the one you want to get certified for

Click Learn

How to join an alliance?

Top right click hand shake

Search for cryptopunk1 or scroll till you find it ( its one i made, lets team up )

Buy Tools Resources

Bottom left click Market

on the left select the thing ya want like this shovel

see those numbers next to shovels like 28%, 8%?

Thats LIFE amount left

The ones that are totally green are “new”

ones with percent are used

Click on the right the cart button of the one you want

How to Pick up Item you bought on Market?

Travel to location by clicking location

When arrive click on building it will bring you to this screen

On bottom left click this random cargo area

Click your Charicters name, mine is Schtweev

Click item you want to move and click move on bottom middle

Referral Link?

Top right cog

click referrals

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