Basel 1 2 3 4 Gold Silver SQEEEEZle

Assests vs Liabilities Rules because of the great financial crysis of 2008 –

Banks can Loan More Cash than they have.

RIght now they only need but soon

They also have to have an equal amount of cash to loans, other wise they have to give and take from other banks:

It will come and stress test banks by messing with its liquididty level for 30 days at a time

This will mess with ROI for banks $$

ahh so where they gonna get the more liquidity they need for.. more loans, and satisfying Basel 3 standards? You Your friends, your kids?

  • Cash Management
  • Member Fees
  • Loan Origination Fees
  • Marginal Personal Loan Rate Increases – Credit Cards – Car Loans Etc

Oh and guess what else this does, it will also change GOLD to a TEIR 1 ASSET/zero-risk asset = The banks dont need that need to JUST use FedBucks/$/EUR they can now use GOLD

It will also become more expensive to buy and sell – Even the fake paper trading of it

gold must be physical and held in the institution’s own vaults

Most gold investments are leased or borrowed or held in paper form

So you think banks/countrys were hoarding while cheap, maybe, maybe now more?

Did you know banks can currently at the time of this video lend a whole 0% on gold?

But After this takes effect they can loan up to 85% of CURRENT Spot Rate!

Im not done! That also CLEARS up the speculative/non marginable/loanable Liability and now makes it an ASSET!

100$ of cash in savings, 100$ worth of gold = bank can loan 85% on ONLY the $100 right now

End of month they can loan 85% on that 100$ worth of gold too! So 85$ loan – 170$ worth of loans

Country’s Have been Swooping Silver GOLD Preciousness Metals Hording!

JP Morgan Controls and HOLDS Physical

JP has been caught an infinite amount of times lieing and cheating the precious metal markets, but the penalty IS worth the cause

COMEX is Supposed to BACK Paper Gold SIlver ETC Bu they Dont Have it and DO NOT deliver when asked..

Banks NEED a higher gold price to help with their balance sheets = They all Broke

And guess what those charts are gonna keep doing?

Ya but what does George Soarous think?

Remember Teddy Bear Rosevelt SMoke and Mirrors Gold PHYSICALLY from US and exchanged for FIAT paper fed bucks.

Then guess what they did to the price of GOld?

Guess who wasn’t holding any?

So essentially it was a way to truly “stimulate/bailout” the Market Makers/Elite by flogging our grandparents at the knees

So what does this have to do with

Start Date? UK 28th of JUNE 2021 — January 1, 2022 for British banks

This all of course will be another pitch to “protect” you… and be another instrument to help implement the Fed Crypto Powel/Yellin Pow Pow Digi Bucks

Sweet So HOw Do we Make The MONEYS!!!???

#silverSqeeze ? Cool/Meme Factor

SILV silvercrest metals

SLV etf ( lame sauce but known )

SIL lil better miners

AG First Majestic

If want boring but will deliver physcially the silver pslv sprott

If you want to REALLY print … fiat

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