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Why we Care Bro? apph

AeroFarms SV Spring Valley = ARFM

It’s all done without soil, sun or pesticides, and the company claims to use 95% less water than outdoor farms. AeroFarms-branded leafy vegetables are sold in the northeastern U.S. at retailers, including Whole Foods Market, ShopRite, Amazon Fresh and FreshDirect.

2Million Pounds of Greens a year

10 Indoor Farms

AeroFarms operates nine indoor farms in four Newark locations, and one in Virginia and a growth and research facility in Abu Dhabi as part of a $100 million investment by the United Arab Emeritus.

Rosenberg said the company plans to build a network of new high-tech indoor farms across the United States. The first is currently under construction in Danville, Virginia, on the North Carolina border in close proximity to more than 1,000 food retailers and approximately 50 million people within a day’s drive.

AeroFarms has more than 150 employees in Newark,

company offers computer and financial literacy training programs, and the workforce includes former criminal offenders and homeless people.

“The biggest impact we’ve had on the city is inspiring other tech firms to come to Newark,” he said, describing how AeroFarms donated offices to Newark Venture Partners, a business incubator funded by Don Katz, founder and chief executive of Audible.

AeroFarms announced various partnerships with governments, universities and Fortune 500 companies to help solve agriculture supply chain problems. For instance, AeroFarms will publish a study to improve leafy green production, flavor and nutrition next year with the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research, a non-partisan, non-profit funded out of the U.S. Farm Bill. The findings are aimed at helping farming industry.

Agriculture is responsible for 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and accounts for one-fifth of U.S. fossil fuel use, mainly to run farm equipment, transport food and produce fertilizer, according to Columbia University’s Climate School.

As excess fertilizer washes into rivers, streams and oceans, it can cause eutrophication, or algae blooms that proliferate and kill aquatic life. As of 2008, there were 405 dead zones around the world, the university’s researchers say.

The United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) says more than two-thirds of the world’s fresh water is used for agriculture. And around the world, farmers are losing the battle for water for their crops as scarce water resources are increasingly being diverted to expanding cities.

To feed the growing and increasingly urban global population of 9 billion expected by 2050, FAAO estimates the world must boost food production by 70% through higher crop yields and expanded cultivation.

AeroFarms’ business strategy is more concentrated on monetizing its intellectual property than selling leafy greens. In its Securities and Exchange Commission disclosures, AeroFarms claims 250 inventions and 45 recognized trade secrets that optimizes cultivation of 550 plant species.

Rosenberg compared AeroFarms’ trajectory to the growth of Amazon, which began focused on books, and Tesla’s development of batteries and focus on autonomous vehicles after gaining a foothold in electric vehicles.

“In the same way, leafy greens at AeroFarms is our beachhead,” he said in a recent investor call, “and we look forward to utilizing our platform in many ways.”

What other ways can they utilize the platform they have ?

Man i love me some chickens

How bout Fruits?

when Rosenberg was asked about Green LEAFS he said he wasn’t against it.. iam trying to find the interview now

Why is this Such a MASSIVE Deal?

  • 95% less water use
  • zero soil use
  • no driving to pump sites, running diesel equipment to pump drill into earth to get water, no money spent on it either
  • no co2 emtions from tractors
  • no billy goat gates monsanto juice cross contamination
  • will make bill gates investment as Mericas biggest farm land owner turn to the worst investment of the decade
  • will make many regular farms obsolete
  • make fertile land cheap again
  • 10 locations producing is NOTHING compared to potential

So we gonna be at

which puts ticker price to ticker price darn close to AppHarvest at 1.6billion at 15$ish

They are currently ONLY doing Tomatoes

Numbers FInancials

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