American Acquisition Opportunity Inc AMAO

American Acquisition Opportunityesg/upcycle companies controlling or owning the natural resources usedin supporting and creating a resilient and critical domestic supply chain, including transportation, greeninfrastructure and sustainable logistics.0.6 ceo works

its an upcycle play[5:32 PM]

so… bad for earth, to recycling it and making it good for earth you me[5:32 PM]

both dudes been working here[5:32 PM]” a next generation, socially responsible, supplier of raw materials to the new infrastructure market. The products we produce go to produce steel, alloys, metals and used in the critical elements fields to support global development and socio-economic progress to create a more efficient economic environment.[5:33 PM

]so could be water/plastics/bio plastics/ev guts

American Acquisition Opportunity esg/upcycle 0.6 where ceo works

oh heck ya read this :American Resources Corporation Acquires Exclusive Rights to Purdue University’s Rare Earth Element Innovations, Critical for Clean Energy Technologies February 02, 2021

Purdue trusts these guys with exclusive rights to esg innovations
[5:37 PM]
ark Jensen, CEO of American Resources said, “Working with Purdue and Hasler Ventures to commercialize such an impressive suite of technologies that are of major importance to national security and the growth of the electrification marketplace is an honor for our company. Their teams have been nothing short of amazing, as they have fully embraced the need to rapidly scale to a commercial process to produce rare-earth and critical elements from available domestic sources. It is our shared belief that to compete in the world markets and to establish a robust domestic source of rare-earth metals, the United States cannot solely rely on the current costly and environmentally harming methods of solvent-based extraction. Linda Wang’s method represents this path.”
[5:38 PM]
American Resources, wholly owned subsidiary, American Rare Earth LLC Enters into Joint Venture to Develop and Commercialize Critical Element and Graphene Technologies
November 24, 2020

Joint venture partners with Gerardine Botte, Ph.D., Texas Tech University Professor and Department Chair to develop and commercialize technologies production from carbon-based deposits
Dr. Botte is Professor and Whitacre Department Chair in Chemical Engineering at Texas Tech University and is a recognized visionary in Electrochemical Science
Dr. Botte appointed to the American Resources Board of Directors and will advise and help to expand the Company's current suite of environmentally positive production methods of Rare Earth and Critical Element Division

which means all that money will come over to this once they realize they ahve a spac too
[5:39 PM]
[5:41 PM]

wow look at this

they are doing this too

look what else they do[5:47 PM]

so they do SGBX sgblocks stuff too -villages, a Land Betterment Company, is a ecological development company building luxury housing communities at an affordable cost of living. We bring innovative solutions to the community through energy efficient high end homes built in a safe and reliable structure.

sooo it could be land betterment which has all the under its umbrella?

can anyone name a warrant that loi’ed and DIDN”T hit 1$?


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