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Gingko Bioworks uses $90M funding round to launch ingredients firm Motif

Published Feb. 27, 2019 By Cathy Siegner Contributing Reporter

Motif Ingredients

Dive Brief:

  • Startup Gingko Bioworks announced the launch of its Motif Ingredients company with a $90 million funding round. Investors included Breakthrough Energy Ventures — which has Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg and Richard Branson on its board — Louis Dreyfus Company, Fonterra and Viking Global Investors.

SPACmonster —
It seems like motif is close to commercialization of a couple products, especially their impossible burger competitor. If impossible goes public at $10b and motif has a bigger pipeline… and Ginkgo owns a bunch. You can see how the value would stack up. This is only one product

SRNG soaring eagle

CEO Ginkgo Bioworks Jason Kelly – “impossible burger is best VEGI burger he’s ever had” 44:00

If you want to build a completely animal free/plant based meat company, do not start from scratch, just outsource it to our lab cloud here at ginkgo and we will do it for you

last week Motiv raised 345$million, they have been with us for over 2 years using our platforms/cloud

company is 35 people, they have no lab, they have just been using us the whole time 47:00

So your business modal is to gain a bit of equity/royalty when others want to do things such as make a fake salmon,

You got it

Thanks for doing this for society and humanity- Biology is the answer to a greener planet

They also do tons of other stuff, this is the unicorn of the sector, and will be a big boy stock

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