POleStar GGPI Gores SMacks It out of the Park Again!

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Grey Poupon Edition

SOOO much/many articles videos etc slammed out almost the exact time the rumor came out

its face and FUN

Polestar 1 ripping

5 star safety rated

Getting That Cake

April 21st Volvo announced

Then they have race dirt bike editions that aren’t street legal


The SUV Made in Merica

Volvo is investing $118 million for production of the Polestar 3 at the South Carolina plant. The vehicle is expected to go into production in 2022.

Ok Lets Talk Numbers Bro


$GGPI $TSLA $CCIV $NIO To those who are questioning the valuation of Polestar at $25B:

We posted our analysis last night but decided to put it in a table format again today so that people can visualize it better.

Polestar at $25B is not high at all compared to Rivian and Lucid, and in fact undervalued both on 2020 and 2022 revenue basis. Rivian’s IPO is rumored to be at $70B and Lucid is trading at $42B and both barely have any revenues but much higher market caps currently while Polestar has 5600M in 2020, hence the higher multiples.

On a 2022 basis, Polestar will still have lower multiples compared to Rivian and Lucid given its growth trajectory.

We hope this puts to rest that Polestar is overvalued at $25B, because then you would be claiming that Rivian and Lucid are even more overvalued. We will refine this table when the DA for GGPI/Polestar is announced.

Where can i buy them?

they are also coming to your local Volvo dealer

Just Please Dont Be This GUy

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