The Sector To Buy Now

due to a recent discovery, there’s a really good chance that the market is not going to drop for awhile

[8:38 AM]money rotates, rather than getting drained out of the system – right now the Nikkei 25 (japanese index), is about to start a massive reversal to the upside, which would prevent our market from falling for at least a few more months

[8:39 AM]our market may move sideways rather than down (in a flat corrective phase), which would be the worst kind of environment for trading options[8:40 AM]similar to what the japanese index has been doing for the last 25 weeks

(if we do move sideways) selling iron condors on SPX 3 times a week could yield extremely high probability trades with enormous returns. will update this conversation later

this is what money rotation looks like japanese money came into our markets, and our money is about to go in their markets we enter into a longer term flat, and their market goes up money rotation prevents the global markets from falling at once, market maker plans these things out accordingly and in advance, to make sure it never happens(edited)

if you wanted to play that move, you could get some december\jan calls on $EWJ

MCHI — China ETF = more risk/volatility

Or just some Baba ?


But the FUD!!

:boom: China’s Economic Information Daily published an article yesterday that described online video games as “spiritual opium”… and specifically cited a game called Honor of Kings, produced by Chinese tech company Tencent (TCEHY).

As a result, shares of Tencent and fellow Chinese video-gaming giant NetEase (NTES) tumbled at least 10% Tuesday morning amid the report… which ended up being deleted from the Economic Information Daily’s website by noon. (Such it is with state-run media.)

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